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Death Of J. F. Totten

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Whïksas, In the djsyensatian of an Allwise Provkloncp, our frionii and fellow studejt J. F. Tottkn, has been etricken down in the morn of life, and while in pursuit of lus Etudies ; and Wlierea$, Tliis sad eveut has cast a gloom of sadness over the Law Class of which lie was a merober, and a still keener sense of sorrow is feit by those who knew him, only to admire liis studious and manly bearing, and to emulate his inany virtues ; therefore, be it Rewloed, That in the death of our classraate, J. ï1. Totten, the Law Department has lost a noble and industrious member, and the country a prqrqising aml talented young man. Retolved, That we tender to the friends and relatives of the deceased our heartful condolence in tliis their honr of sad bereavement; but while we are called upon to drop a tear upon the early bier of our lamented young friend, and while" this great grief weighs heavily upon his aged paren ts, we can but cominend them to " Him who doeth a]l tjiings well," in whose beuigu mercy and justipe we mplicitly rely. Resolved, That a copy of these resolutious be sent to the Petroit Free Prest and the Ann Albor 4r9u for publication, and a copy of the saino be forwardpd to the frieuds of the deceased. W. II H. RUSSEI.L 1 A.S. McALLlSTfiJl, G. I. GILLHAM, I „ F. RIETBRECK f Committee. E. II. ABBOTT, 11. LEVEKETTE. J JC3C Wool was quoted in New York on Wdnssd;;.y at 75o84c for doniestic fleece ; and TOoSüc for pulled fleece. Latsst of Boston qi'.otatums Michigan fleece in Boston 75S3, with both doalprB and uia.-iufacturpre holding ofl'.


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