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#$- PROF. R. J. LYON'S' l'atients aud all otters interrested will please take &otc! that he wül contln ue Uis visits at tha Monitor House, Ann Arbor, during 1864 aod '65 and at the expiration of which he Wlllducontinue bis visits and open an InSrmary at CleTeland, Ohlo, for the treatment of Lung and Chest disoatf s. "hölïdaY goods i DkFOREST Is now openipg a splendid Stock of Goldband China, and White China Goods, China Tojs, ChildrermToj Sets, White Stone (Jhina Qoqdj, Silver. platcd Good, TabU Cutlerjr, Glaas-waM, Lamp, Sc, 4c, atlowflurs, Dec. 10tb,1363, ?tfLYON'S XATHAlROÏï. Kathalron Is from the (reek ord, "Knthro," ot ' Katbairo," itignifylng to cleanse, fejuvtnate and restore, Tlm article is what its namelgnlfle. For preserving, restoring and beautifying the human hair lt)s the rpost reujarkdble preparatlon In the world. lt is again owned and put up by the original proprietor, and is now madewith ta santé caro, tkill and attontioa which gave it a sale of over qne railllQ tt'!es por annum It is a most delightful Hair Dressing It erac cates scurf and dandruff. It keeps the head cool and clean. It makes the hair rich, soft and ; It prevenís the hair from fallin(?olfand turning gray It restoi-es hair upon bald beads. Any lady or gentleman who values a beautiful head of hair should use Lyon's Katharion. It i known and usfd throughout tho ciriliied world. Sold by al) respectablo dealeis . 6mOS)2 DEMAS S. 3ABNTKS )t CO., Prop'rs, N. V. Matjiews' Chocolate ViroimDrcpB ? NEVER fail to destroy and extermínate a)l kinds of Intestinal Worms. Aro peifectly rsliable in all casas and far superior to any anl all of tha Fany Worm onfectiona, nd nauseous Vermifuges in use. They may be taken at all times with perfect they contain NO MERcüRY, or othr dleterious Drug.- Mothers should always purchase them nd give their childron no other. (Ifo Catkariic whatever, is necessary to be givn.) Each box contain3 24 Drops or Lozenges. Price 21 ets. For Sale by all Drugsfists and Dealers la MediC. R. WALKER, General Agent, lyMl Buffalo, N. Y andFort Erie.C. HMM8TBEET8 Inimitable Hair Restorative. IT IS NOT A DYE, But restores gr&y huir to its original color, by supplyng the capillary tubes wíth natural sustenance, irapaired by age or diseBe All instantaneoua dyes are composed of hnfir epustic, destroying the vitality an'l beauty of ïbJ bair, and afford of themselves no drossing, Heimskreetrs Inimitable Coloring oot only restores hair to its natural color by au easy procesa, but gives the hair % Lujurlnnt Beauty, pruraotea its growth, prerentaits flliqg off, predícate Jandruff, and imparta UfiaíUi aid pleasaiitness to the nead. It haastooil tbe teBtof time, bejug the original HairColoiing, and is constantly iucreaeing ip favor. Used by both gentleman and ladies. It is soU by all respectablo dealere, orean be procured by them of tVi commercial agenta, U. S. Raf nes & Co. 202 Broadway New-York. Two sizes, 50 cents aud $1. 0m922 WYNKOOPS ICELAND PETORAL. Diseases of the Tliroat, Chest and Pulmonnry organd are ever prevalent.'insidious and and dangerous. Tlie properties of a medicine ío-alleviate, cure and uproot these eomplaints, must_be Expectorant, Anodyne and Invigorating, loosening the mucufl of tbe throiit, and impartíDg tone to the entire systí-m. No discovery in medical ecienceevei mastered this clans of disease.-TiiKo Dr. Wynkoop's Iceland Pectoral. It is used with the most astonibliing results in all cases of Bronchitis, In ilueuza, Whooping Cough Diptheria or Futrid Sorv Xbroat, Asthma, Croup, CoughB, Colds, Nerveus Irra tabiiitjj &c. lite y. J. J. Potter certi6es, " I haTe nsed Dr. Wynkoop's Iceland Pectoral for several years, mysplf and m my family,for severe Pulmonary Compiaintn, and Lave recommend,,i jt to roany others, and never Been ils equal." Pvev. J. J. Potter Brooklyn, X. Y. Hundreds and thousands of imjiortant tetirüonialñ could pe produfföd, ghowing its rraarkable cures and that it never failg It ia composed of pure Iceland Moss; Balüi of Güead Peruvian Balaam, Élecampane, Cqmfrey, Burdook,and other invaluable etpecloranc and tuoic inceMen.ts. ït is barmleps, prompt and lasting. ïnvaiidfi nnd BiifTerer? cannot afford to neglect & trial. Every family shouid have it.ii It ia remarkble for Croup. Full df;hcriptioü, recommeuöaiions, and directions accompony each i t-e. Sold by all principal Druggists. Preparedby Dr. R. D. Wynkoop, and nold by D. S, Barnes k Co. New York. 922rnr 1 HAGAN'S MAGNOLIA BALM. This ís the most delightfnl ph'1 extraord-nary artille ever discovered . Itrhanges the sun buriu face and hands to a penrly satín txture of ravishing beauty, impartlng the marbie purity of youth, and the distingue appearance so invïting in the city bc-l'e of faehion. It removeR tan, freckles, jiimples, anï roughness from the skin, loaving it fresh, Iransparent and smooth. - it contains no material injurious to Ui e skin. Patrón ized by ActresBOB and. Opera Vingers. It is wüat every lady shonldhave. Sold everyhere. Deinap , Bornee Sc Gq. General Agenis. $25m6 2O3 Broadwy. 3ST. Y. ET TOBACCO- You can buy the best grades of FINE CHEWING TÖBAÖCO at from 50 een!; to One Dollar. SMOKING from fourteen to twnty cents at M. UEVANY'S TOBACCO AND CïGAR STORE Sïgn - Red Indion. South side Huron etreet, a few doors from CooIc'è Hotel. M.DEVANT. Ann Arbor, Deo. 1, 1862. 883tf BE WISLBY TIMES ! Po not tnfle wi;h your Peth, Constitution and Character. "' " " ■ ' ïf you aro suffering with anydïseanes fcr which JJEVBÖLD'S EXTRACT OF BVCBÜ is recommended, TRY IT ! JRY IT ! Tfly IT ! It wil! cure you, gave long íuffering, Uajin paic and Infiammation, and' will rost oró y pa tog HEALTH AN0 PDJJÍTY," At Li t tlO Expence, And NoExpopura Cut ent tbe advertieement In ajsothor ooIobïBi ca!2 or Mn2 for it. BfcAWARE OF COUKTERTSrnsi Af$ hi Hnfaoe. Taï M Cbu,


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