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A'rebe] dispitch reporte the Fuder. al forcé in Florida pt 50.000 Ex United Stutes Senator Boardman, of Ark-.uiaxis dit'd in Teans reoentlv. Over 12000 nepros hflVG a'ready enlisted in 'IVirtmsseo. Enlámente in the middle di&lriot rato Ö00 por treek, Tlic. Newbern Tinm announces that .overal thousand prisoners wero Kent from Riohuiond. to Georgia a lew d;iys a go. It ia csümnted that 2,000 refugees and des'ertera liavcoomo vvithin tho Unes of Gen. Ielly's departrtient, Western Virgifiia, sinco Jatiuary 18. Clark, who robbed the Denvor Mint on the 13Ü), (jf thirty-seven thousund dollar, was fyrested near tho Arkansas Kiver, on Friday. Most of the money was recovered. A Knoxvillo letter of the 9th Bava LonfíKlroet has 5f),0í)0 men and steen or eighteen b ittories. Sixtoen stores and dwollinga at Canton, M ssouri, were burned on the 13th inst. Loss about 55,000. Insurance about 0,000. Tho war costs about a huudred thousand dollars an botar. Tho squabble among the abolitionisfs about the next Pi'esidonoy is waxing ma lignant - a fact which proraises good to the country. " Whe:; rogues fall out," etc. , eto. A Vienna letter of January 23d says : " The acceeptance of the Crown of Mexico by the Arohduko Maxhailian is now an irreversible fact. A letter from Calcutta, Jan. 5, says the British ship Pearl at thS port spoke, ] on the 3d ins, to tbp pirate Alabama, thirty miles south of Sand lleads. The Webster Hotel and five otiier buildings vvere destroyed by fire at Newport News, Saturday evening lust. Tlie eutrics'of public lands ín the Up por Península, during the month of Jau uary, amount to 30,000 acres, of which about 24,000 acres were for silver lead. Ex-Representative Bouliguy, ol Lou isiana, died n Washington, Saturduy last. He sternly refused to follow the cxamplo of his eolleagues aud other socot-sion membors, in withdrawiug from the House during the Thirty-sixth Cod gress, and served the full terui for whioh he was elected. Gen. Davidson is relicvcd of 'lio oommand of the First División f Stcele's aruiy, and ordered to Cairo to report to ihe Chicf of Cavalry Bureau, Wuslungfön. Gen. Carr suceeeds Davidson. and Gen. Kunbiiil tulces commaud of Oarr'á oíd división. Major Malone, Payna?ter in the United States army, was robbed of 70 000 at Washington, on Monday night, which he had drawu from the Treasury for the purpose of carrying to the front, iü order to pay certaiu reginients there. At a recent session of the United States District Court for the Eastern District cf Virginia, Judge Undenvood presiding, at Norfolk, twenty eight decrees of condemuation under the confiscatioi law wero mada. These deerces cover a large amouut of valuabje property. The report of the rebel director of hospitals in the department of Virginia, states that 293,165 rebel sick and vvouuded soldiors were receivod uto the rebel linspitals iu that department during the fifteen monthe between September, 1S62, and December, 1863. The thermometer in Richniond on the 19 was eight degi-ees above zero. The Morning Ilerald contends that if Austria and l'russia repudíate the treaty of London a general war can hardly be esoaped. ïhe Tribunes special, Washington, 23d, says : Gou. Sigel is appointed to an important command by the President. It is uuderstood to supersede Gen. Kelly. "Itia now a settled fact," ?ays the JPatriot, ' that we are to have salt manufactured at Jacksoq." The brlne was attained at a depth of over 1TGO feet. The Examiner of the 18th, announces the dispatch of the first installmeut of Yankee prioners on the 17th to AnicrU cus, Georgia, a new prisou post. 5,000 or 6,0ÜÜ are to be sent there, at the rate of 400 or more daily. The Atlanta Govftderar.y eays on the 9th inst., 1025 bajes of cotton were destroyed by firp in Wilmington - loss $700,000. In 1862 there were 864,822,000 lbs. cf sugar used in the Uuited tótates nearly 20 pound to each niaa, woman and child. Knoxville, Tennessee, is the oldestcity of that State - was named from General Knox, who was American Secj'etary of War at the time the city was laid out in 1793. A vessol arrived at Boston brings nows from Cape Town, December Sist, that the rebel privateer Tusealoosn, had boen seized by tho British authorities for violating the neutrality laws by landing a porton of her cargo on that coast.


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