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National Democratic Convention

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Ata meeting of the National Democratie CommHteo, heM ia New York tlus ilay, it was unanimously votöd tbüt tlio net ffatfooal DemocrAtta Convention, for the of nominating candidato for 11te Preaidenc) and Vice Presidency of the Dalted States, be beid at Chicago, IllinoiB, on MONDAY, JÜLY 4th, 1804. Tïy a vote of the Comraittee at a meeting beid September 7, 1863, the number of delegnies for each State, was flxed at doublé the mimbor of itp electoral votes. AUGUST BELMONT, Lhairman. FRF.DRRICK O. Pkiscb, Secretary. Nw York, Jan. 12. 1SC4. JET" Our readers have all doubtless pcrused tbe resolutions of tho LouísvüIq Convent-ion, given in our last, and siso the Poineroy-Chaso "Circula;'," vehicli first "cropped out1' at tl) at ponventiou, but h;is sioca been soattera all over tho country. If they bftve SO ïead, tliey liave probably coneludod that all is not harmouy in tho ''happy family," and that tho patriota ad Washington minglo with their great ove of country just a little iave of self. Another "circular1' has made ita appearance, first in the Qhio Legislature, and then in "the papers," which wo frhaü give in our columns nest week. It is intenscly bitter, and plainly charges "lloncst Oíd Abe" with vacillation, imbecility, blunderingj prolonging the war, and eveu with meditating an atternpt to use his position na commauder-in cbief to procure his reelection. It was evidently written in the interest of Chase, and denounces the State Legislatures for their attempts to forestall the action of the puoplo by legislating ';Old Abe" into a second term. Hud Ibis circular been written by a Dèmoerat, and in the aterest of tho Democratie party, its wiiter would have been searched out, branded as a "coppiThead," and sent to Fort Lafayette or into the rebel lines, but coming from the "most loyal of the loyalists" tho friends of the President do not even venture to defend lam agaiust its charges. Pirhnps a coup d'etat is boing meditated, which some of these days will bu as sucoessful in "caging" these guerrilla politicians who aro planning' a deseent upon the "White House," as have tho raids of these same guerrilla politieians upon the Generáis of the Army of the Potomac, or at least as thoir "on to Eichmond" raids. "We shall see what we shall see." gSP"" The radical jauraala hcwled lustily fora few days over a discovory of their owu that soveral official dispatches from Göd. Mcülellan tü the Secretary (if War were omitted in his published report Tho otnission was charged upon Gen. McClellan, and quotations wcre made from the omitted dispütches with greut gusto, to prove that they were otnittod for a cause. It turns out that the omissicns are chargcable directly to the governmeot, and the mutilation of tho report is shouldored upon the compositora in the government printing office, who lost several pages of the copy. The outraged journals, however, do not let thoir readers kuow this. To lie - we speak advisedly - about McClellan suits thern vastly bettcr thao to teil the truth, and an injustice done him will never be correeted. In the meantime McClellan preserves his dignity, purgues the oven tenor of his way, aud bidés hia time. It will como, and his detraotors, both in and out of the governmout, will thea hide thcir heada in shanae. J'S" We had intended to writo up our notes of a recent visit to Adrián, Cold water, &o., but havo boen prevonted by olher calla upon our time. Suffiea it to say that wo fouod Coldwator had enlarged her borders considorably since our last visit, and had roally put oo city airs. The present seusou threo fine ehurches are to ba erectod, which, with its fine Union School house, will place it on a par with any of the interior cities of our State. Coldwator has a fine country to back it, aud with its enterprislng business men is bouud to prosper. We remembcr with much pleasure the many years apcnt thjre, and were pleased to meet and enjoy the hospitalices of old friends. Adrián is thriving aa usual. The only public rnprovernent wo noticod ip pror gressis the n OW Methodist Church, promising to ba, whec coniplcted, one of the finest in the Stüto. The Southern road is in good condition, its trains run with great regularity, and it is doing both a large passenger and freight business. Mr. II. II. PorTBii, the new Superintendent is winning hiaiBelf a good name. L3T Ourold friend Al. M. Ham, long connected vvith tho Detroit, tree Prefs', has become one of the Editors and Publfshers of the Dubuqne (Ioa) Herad, d:iily :md feekly. Ham ia in able writer aad hard worker, and vvill make the Herad a livu Domooratic journal. lt#" At the annual charter election of Euat Saginaw, held on Monday, the Democrate electod their candidato for Mayor by a naajorky of 175, and the ïfhole city ticket except ïVeRsurer.


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