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An Amusement

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tenders are wont to amuse the iiselves with riding upon the backs of sharks - The sharks oocasionally turn and bito off an arm or a leg from their riders, but such ri.-ks oiily add to the exeitement. J5" Gravo stones are now being prepored with dagutreotypes of the de ceased set in raarble. The idea is poetic, and if gfeneraljy adopted would makc oemeteries living galleries ihrough whioli the eye would delight to wander. tST Little Charlie carne to the table very bungry, and had a fork in a potato, trar.sferrcd to his plate bcfore he thought of the usual blessing. Looking up to liis fatlier he ssye, 'Pa, you talk to Heaven while I smashes my potato.' His hunger made bim wisb to improve every moment, p"There's no humbug abo ut these pardines," said Bfowo, as he helped birnsejf' to a tliird plateful from a newly openi'd box ; "they are the genuine artiole, and oame a'l the way from the Mediterranean." 'Yes," qnickly replied his económica! wife, 'and f you will on!y control yotir appetite they will go a groat deal further."


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