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Miles O'reilly On The "naygurs."

Miles O'reilly On The "naygurs." image
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SiHFïe ïeil us 'lia a bnniiiig slianie To make tlie oftygnrs fi_ílit j Án' tliat the thiade of bein' kilt Belongs but to the white. But as for uie. upon my sowl ! So liberal are we liere, 111 let Sanibo bemnrderd in ]laceof myself On every day in the year ! Cto every day in the year, boys, And every honr in tlie day' The right to be kilt I'll divide wid Iiim. Au' divil a word I'll say, In baltle's wild commotion I shouldn't at all object If Sambo's body should stop a ball Tliat was comin' lor me direct ; And the prod of a Southern bagnet 8o liberal are we liere, I'll resign and let Sanibo take it Every day in the year ! On every day in the year, boys, And wid none of your nasty pvide, All my richt in a Southern banet prod Wid gambo I'll divide. The men who object lo Sanibo Should take his place and (ijht ; And it's better to have a naygttr's hue Tban a liver that's wake an' white ; Though Sambo's black as the ace of spades llis finger a trigger can pull. And lus eye straight on the barrel sight Fiom under his thatch of wool ! So hear me all boys, darlings, Dou't think I'm tippin' you chaft, The right to be kilt I'll divide wid hlm And give him the largest half ífe Igfcfugmi jvgu&


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