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Depth Of Coal Beds

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in Virginia, is represen te d to contain n c al bed fifty feot in Üiicknese; a ooal bed oear Wilkesbarre, Pa., is said tn be t.wenty-five feet thiok ; tit Mauoh Chunk iii a oiinl bed forty to üfty feet deep; anH in t lio basin of the Sohuylkill are fifi}1 altérnate seam of coa!, twentj five oí wliich are more lliau three feet 'n lliick tiess. In Nova Scotia is a coal f n-mntion fourteen lmtidrcd feef dcep, and con taining seventy-fivo altérnate laycrs o! eo:l. The Whitehavon c.on mino, ii Ens;l''rid, lias been wm-kod to tlio d p 1 1 1 of twelva bundred feet, and cxt"uds mili' under tlio cea ; and lh Ncv o istli coal mine, in the sime country, has beei worked ti thc depth of fifteeii hundrec feet, and U);-ed to a similar additionnl deptb, without finding tho bottona of tbi cal ineasure. - ifittws1 Jrurnal.


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