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Words That Had The Bark On

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The Washington correspondent of the New York Commrreial Adi-ertiter givca, n its letter relative to the late Mr. Rives. 'lio following: Mr. Rives was a worsliiper of Oenoral Jaekson, with wliom ho was on the n ost intímate terms, ss l'uhlisher of the Globe, then edited bv Mr. Bl.-iir, and the sokonwlodged " organ " of OM Hioknry. No mnii was bettcr aeqrfainted with the evontful administraron of Gen. Jacksou tlian Mr. Rives was, and f have sat in his office hour affcr hoor, lis'ening to his miniseences Amonsr these wcre the ttempts made at different ti mea by Mr. fan Buren, Attornoy General. B. P. ïut'er, Mrd others. to tone down and nodify Jacksou's messagen and proclanations. On one occasion - it was in he message of December 8. 1K35, on e 'renoh indcnjuity - GeneralJaokson had written : l' The honor nf my eouptry shall never e stained hy an apolowy from me, for he stiitenient of trut!) and the perforranee of dnty ; nor can I give any exilanation of my official acts, except suoh ia is due to intejrrity and justice, and consistent with the principie on whicb. our DSti'utinns have been framsrl ." " I was waiting for the Globe t 'copy of the message," said Mr. Rives, '' chatting with the Genetal who was smoking his pipe, when Major Donelson. his private secretary, eame in and read the page or more of manuscript which the Cabiuet liad substitulcd for tiiis gentence." It was late on Punday night, and Conrre.-s was to me t tho nest n orning. - When Major Donelson had red the substitnted sentenoe, the General said :-!- "N'iw rcad it aoain " Tt was read a second time, and Le then rose, pnced the floor, stopped. ond said : " Strike all that out, sir, and put back what I wrote. That's what I njeant, and, by G - d, that's what my message phall say." The alterations were made, and T hfive the original Onpy to pbow that tliis was so. 'The wo ds otnitted,'' Mr Rives wont on to reiaark, " wcre mi'k ind wutü?, but those retained had the bark on."


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