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In the appropriate column of this isfue wilt be fouixl the ca!l lor a Oounty Oonrsntinn, to convene at the Court KoMe, in this city, on Thursday, June 9th, 1864, at 12 o'clook, M. It'will devolve upon this convention to elect twelve delegates to the State Convention, called to convene at Detroit June löth ; and as the State Convention is oalled for the expresa purpose of electing delegates to the Democratie National Convention, to be held in Chicago, Juiy 4th, this oounty convention will really announce. the ehmoe of the Democracy of Washtenaw County for a Presidential candidate. It is thereforo an important politioal o;alheriug, and wa hopo that every township in the county will Bind up a full quota ef delegates. Let men be solected of calin and cool judgment, ol fixed and firin principies, who have an abiding love for the r.ational government and its eoustitution, who beliave in tho Demoerntic party and its time-bonored creed, and who will so aim to direct the poiioy of' that pa'ty as to aid in bringing the governmont siifely throngh the diffici.ilties surrounding it, and in a restaration and perpiiuation ol tho Union.


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