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Best Potatoes To Raise For Market

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I! 8repfienn writea to the American AqiieultwiH : ' Having bei'ii engaged in selliiTg pntatoefl in Now York for tüe past ighteen years, I would state for tlie information of Firuí"r8, that. in potatoes intended for this market, tho follou iug qualities are requisito : large size, whito skin, white flesh, and to bo dry and mealy when cooked. Snoh aro suro to command roady snle and the highest prieos, and all not having tbis obaraoter will have to be sold as second class or 'stsipping potatoes.' Therefore it s folly for a farmer to use his grcund for a poor Cíop, when same labor and expenso, with a proper selecion of seed, in regard to the requireinents of the market, would yield a largar erop of potutoes, vvhich would meet with ready sale, and at larger prices, it no more expense of freight and selling. We have a great variety of new seedliugs brought to notice every season bj' interested parties. In order to sell seed, they ranke great statements, as to quality and large yield (on paper), but when sent to market asa farm erop, they art1 found wanting, and die out to make room lor something new the next season. The valuable varietiss of potatoes and those that are in good demand, are those that havo been originated by farmers, and their merits have brought the'ti into general use. Sueh are the Blue Mereer, Dykeman, Peaeh Blow, Prinee Alhert, Jackson White, June, etc.; whereas of many fancy kinds, put before the farmers froyear toyear, by seed raisers and gellers, none are worthy of planting as n farm erop. The following are some of tbe well known kinds froni whioh farmers can make selections, euitable to their soil, being sure of good average yield and having an article that is saleable at all times. For eariy : Dyketaan, June, Buckeye and Jficksou White, rnnturina; in the order here given - the Dykeman being th kind universally grown by the early truck raisers of Long Island and New Jersey. For later, the Light Blue Mercers, Prinee Albert. and Poach Blow. There is also a new variety, the White Peaeh Blow, originatcd and raisod in Monmouth Co., N. J., which ha come market the past season, which bid- fair to be a valuable potuto and worthy of trial. It is a white ïkinned potato, with a pink eye, of good sizo, white fleahed, cooka dry mid mealy, very muoh reseuibling the Buckeye inoutwurd appeanince, but is a late grower, ar:d is said to yield equal to the oonamon Peaeh Blow."


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