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NEW FIRMtl GRUNER & SEYLER, WHOLESALE t RETAIL DEALERS JU TOBACCO, CIGARS, Merschaum Pipes, &c, Vb, rbe undersicnod, heg leave to infoimthtcm ENS Ui ANK ARBOfi and v.ciniiy, ibat we h.Su ay e.tb)MjI a Toboso and Cigat buiim. „ ,bl' lace,ono door Korth of the Frankün Block Mii. rMt,.wbe we alill]w„ keep a fun „,o;,a, f the btntqualitie of ' S1IOK1XG & CHEWÏJVG TOBACCO! b also a large and clio:ce selectioD o.' the bent bnnii tl CIG ARS ! PIPES, (MerscLaum, Brier and Komwood,) CIG AR KOLDERS, INDIA RUBBER POUCHES, SNUFF & CIGAR BOXE8. Will be found with us of all kind nd of Piicu üit EvtRT One. We shall sell all nf the abore mentloned artidn 4 iinuy other which bclong to uur line of trad at tl '.wekt popsible rate for cash. Please cali and examine . N. B. - -iign - ï-quaw irlth cigar boi. one door nortï f theFranklin Block. GRUNER t SKY1.ER. Ann Arbor, ïlay 2d, 1804. 8!.5tf. NEW GOODS] - o - HENION & GOTT, iave just opened one of the largest stock of jootf choice DRY fiOODS! ever broupht to this city, which we will sell without regard to present eastern prices. . B.- Cheapest Bleached and Biown ■Til Al PRINTS! IN THK CITY. Afull STOCKof CARPETS, OIL (MBS, AND HEÏsION k GOTT. Aun Arbor, May Sd, 1S64. 2m9S5 ABE COMINO! DUPREZ & míñ 1IIIÍISTRELS! AT HAIVGSTERFER'S HALLS os Tuesday Evening, May lQih, 1864. Doors opea at 7, C'ojcer! commence at 8 o'clock. Admission 50 cents, Children 25 eenti CHARLES H. DUPKtZ, Manager. 2wí5t FOK SALE! A NF.TV GROVFR í; ÜAKER PEW1K6 MACHINE. f aU a NEW 31NGER MACHINE, oither Fmi!j or manufacturigpattern. y ICE CREAM fl.nd the Püüosophy of its BdaBUiloture. A smaíl treatise, wilh vaiuable recipe on tbiíiufc1 iect will be rtenl r IÏEK. by íuail, to persons wbowiD seuil their addresa to E. K"ÏTCHA & CO.. 4w954 28J l'KAEi Stkkbt, New YoM. FIRST NATIONAL BAIíK OF jfik-KTKr ARBOB. DESlfiNATED PEl'OSITARY 0P THE U. S. NATIONAL TEN-F ORTY LOAN, Tliis Bankisauthorized by theSpcreUry oftbTreury to r?ceive subscriptoos to the United States ID- y l.oan authorïzfdby tbe act of Match 3, .864. Thit Loan bears date March lst, i864,ie redeemable ttth plpastire of the Govpmtnent a) lei ten years, p7' able40years fiera date, bearing interest at the rateolS per cent per anuum. The Inti rest cm this svim is payable in coiK,onbonoi not ovpr One Hundred I ollarp, amiually, on tbe Bw day of March, and on Bomis over One Hundrêd Dolln' semi annually, on the first days ef Ma-rch and l5eftHSp ber SubRcnbers will receivc either Jtegisfered oï Conpf tbey may prcfe? Pubsc-ibers will be requh-ed to pay tkeir suMcnptions in Leeal Tendef Notes or the Notes oí Ntw Banks. CHAS. Iï. KICHMOND, Caabi"Ann Arbor, April 8th, 1864 W21Í HAT STORE! GOTO S GBTftlLÖË Before you l)uy,Spriug and Summer tj"Ie o! XX JC3L. jtr SS + OAPSi STRAW GOODS! GENTS' Furnishing Goods, && IhroArV, ir.'.! ;, W-t.


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