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Ve onderstand that the "posted" account „f the two military Mlb-dUtricU comprising our cty stands as follows : fln9U on cali for 200,000 Deflency on former calis Actïal quota March 1,1864 ■■ 39 JSmber of veterans for wbich certifícate. have been forwarded Eicessof credits 3rd,MhS;'itKWardQn0U on cali for 300.000 26 Ixcesson former calis _ Actual quota March lst, 1864 18 gince mustered in Ccrtficates forwarded for veterans 40-43 Escess of credits r We have had a few days without rain, and the mud bas disappeared. lt has a)so thawed out a little, and soroe inducenients are offered to commence gardening.- farmers are busy crowding in Spring grains. gp The dust yesterday swept our rtreets bravely, Where is Fokd and his iprinkler 1 ry A team broke loóse from their driver yesterday forenoon, near the residence 0(W. S. Maynard, Esq., just as he was attaching them to the wagon, and aller performing several antics separated, and each startedon a "career." One carne down Main Street, part of the time in the center, part on one side-walk, and part on the other, upletting wagons, and scaiing pedestrians. He finally turned the corner at Hurón, took a hasty Burvey of Greg's cellar and brought up againsUpost near the stable of Green & Brown, where he belonged. The ethers "career" we have not traced. For a wonder "nobody was hurt." L5" A now time table is to go into operation on the Central Railroad next Monday, and we shall get our mail about two tours earlier. Good. gy Real estáte in and about our city is still afloat We can not keep track of sales, and hardly of our neighbbors. Ann Arbor oflers great iniucements to home iwkers. Como on gentlemen, with your greenbacks. L37 Miss Mahy J. Fairiian-, a gradúate of the State Normal School, and late of the Xenia (O.,) Female Seminary, has entered upon duty as Preceptress of the High School of this city, Mrs. DuBois having been compelledby sivkness to resign. Mrs. DuBois discharped the responsible duties of the position to the saüsfaction of the Board and of herpupils, and we hope that Miss Faikman may prove as successful. l Gruner & Seyler, have filled the 0'Hara store on Main Street, with a large itock of Tobacco, Cigars, and everythingelse in that line. They are energetie young men md will be found gentlemanly and liberal dealers. Sce their ': ad." -Gou & Hbjjion teil our readers of a uew itock, in the appropri.ite column. J37 Wool is coming in freely, nnd ite quote it 70a75. Detroit quotations yesterday were 68a73. In another column will h found the latest review of the Boston markjt, which will fully post growers. Wheat was selling yesterday, Eed at 1.40a 1.45 and White $1.5Oal.6O. Detroit quotations same day, were for No. 1 White, $1.64 udNo. 1 Red Í1. 50. Oats in Detroit 72c. Dealers were paying yesterday for Butter 25c, and for Eggs 12. 53C lt seems to be accorded by the universal consent of mankind that Dr. J. C. Ayer & Co. 's Sarsaparilla, Pectoral and Pilis are the greatest remedies yet discovered for the treatment of disease ; that Ayer's Saraparilla is the great Elixir of Life, which Philosophers have sought for puryifying the Uood. Try it and judge for yourselves. JE3T The April number of BlackMd't Bdinburgh Magazine has: Cornelius O'Dowd upon Men and Women, and other Ibiugs in General - Part III., Mr. Knight's fominiscences, Tony Butler - Part VII., Our Sentrality, Past and Present Troubles in Herit and Afghanistan, Annie and her Master, Hstter from Schleswig-Holstein - No. III. $iyear; with the four Reviews re-pub!ished 'f the same flrrn, Í10. Address Messrs. hoüAttD Scott & Co., 38 Walker Street, New íork. EF The May number of the Conti "lal Monthly has a readable list of papers, mong them another letter fiom Hon. R. J. Walker, on American Finances and Resourcesi Our Domestic Relations, or How to Ireat the Rebel States ; A Universal Lantuig; The English Press; The War a Con' for IrJeas ; and Hints to the American '"roer. $3 a year ; two copies, $5. Adir!8 Jonji F. Tkow, 50 Green Street N. Y. ■ i, - 1 CïC The May number of the Laiiei 9tors has a fine portrait of Washington 'rT'ng, a beautiful landscape, and an excelle"t table of contents. $2,50 a year. Poe "Hitohcock. Cinciunati, Ohio. 1 ■Toe internal revenue receipts during " montb of April ere up'vard of tep


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