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Wool-growers' Festival

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nVe clieerfally give place to the foüowing (röui our frieml D. G. üosk, of Sharon, and Mtte the carefül consMeratton f it by tllP ■„„1-Growers, al least of the asten portion ofourCounty. We stiall accept the kind invitation of our correspondent, and of nis hospitalities on the occasion, f not out of the jute at the time, as we now anticípate being. _Ed Aebds.] Shakon, May llth, 1ÖG4. , Pond : - . pear Sir- The farmers of the towns of shilron and Manchester, in thia county, and firass Lake, in the adjoining county of Jack5on who are interested in the subject of Woolflro'wiii", propose holding a Wool Festival at my honse. in Sharon, on ïuesday, the 3lst, ofJíav. They propose to bring samples of llieir stook and shear them, vveigli the tieeces, ampare quality and quantity, ar.d transact joch other business as niay lie calculated to oromote the wool-grówing interest of their ction of the State. Ainong other things ín coutemplation, is l)ie formatiou of a Wool-üiowers' Aosociation, ucli as are now organized in the States of Ohio, New York and other States. There ill be committet's appointed on that day, to iecido uch questions as may arise in regard mthe best sheep, wool, &c. We give genenlinvitation to Wool-örowers Sheep Shearen acd otfiters who may be interested. There lil'lbe opportunities to exchange sheep.- Ihosehaviug sheep they have used for stock, undwish toexchange will do well to bring theoa along. Yours with respect,


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