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-We had tbe nleasure ' 'lamining a few days since somc twenty 'ces of Wool, grown by L. S. Woon, of Wii which we think can not be easily beat" They were the fleeces of yearling full"wd Merino Bucks. and would averaga ll)out lo fes. For lengUi, flneness, and 'tength of fibre, they '.vould compare favor4t)ly with anything that Vermont can pro"lce- And, besides, it was wool and uot oü, 'tMnk our wool-growers would do well to 'Wmine the flock of Mr. Wood. The fleeces we bought by Parsons & Muls. C3T The Woolmarket is quiet- old clip s nearly all in, and the new is 'yetoffthesbeep's backs. Besides purswj tre waiting the result of the pending "ÖBtoRfcbmond" movebefoie fixiDg their 'iwes. U3T Dr. A. B. Fai.mer, of this city, lias gone to Washington to serve as voliinteer Surgeon, and minister to the wants of the woumled in the recent battles. - Prof. Estabkook, of Ypsilanti, has also gone "to the front," as agent of the Christian Commission.


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