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IÍbM klU$ lt Mil i S MICHIGAN CENTRA!. INSUKANCECOMPANY KalamazoO' jLich.. Insurcs ngaiiist í j s oí Osiiaage by I'irc or Liiglitning. CHARTER PERPETUAL. Gunrantee Capital, hy State A ulhoriiy, $300,0000 3 . DIRECTORS: J.'P. Kennedy, Marsh Giddixgs, A. P. Mills, Geo W. Sntdkr, S. D. Allen, Oeo. W. Allen, OFFICERS : J. P. Kennedy, Pre. T. P SheVlon. Vice Pr. Oeo. W. 8nyder, Sec, A. P. JIüls T'uns.. H. E Hovt' Ass't Sec, S. D. All-n, Gen. Agt. ü4ütr ÍEfTfiÍTTÍffiIf@ Kí Q ■:!.' S o 1 . THE BUSINESS CARP8 Issiiod byth iMiflTïlfrneii and eircuhilerl jis C(,n, wül be ;■ ■■ircuníl ;i either of our placee of busimss. C. H. MII.I.KN", w' VAliN'i:!!, PAIL1PBACH, DEAK A. DnFOBESl . Ann Arbor, April 5th, 1884. 'i:'..l FÍRST KATÍONAL .BANK Or A.TSïTsr ABBOB. DESIGNATED DEPOSiTARY OK TUK tl S. NATIONAL TEN-FORTY. LOAN. ' Thls Bank Ís authorteed by thí?ecretfl ury to receive subscriptoiih tu tile L'ciU'l t-tatía 10- 'ív Loan aufl.u!-i.'-ii by the act of Maicta 3, B64. 'I his Loaebean) date Marcb lat, t864,ia redeemable ai the pleasura of the (ovinimriit ni tei u-n years, nm! ], y a bit 40 yearfi f rem 'Uto, beeríog interest al r;iU' oí 6 per cent pf-r amuim. Tlie Iotercsi on thissunp ■ ix cuiji, on bnnds not overOneïïiiiKlr'M I flnp.tiajly, DO.thfi firsi flüv nf M;ir-n. and en Hón.irf over íhn Uíiii'lre-1 Dollars semi annuall}' . "ii the Brt da) a of Marcb ;:iul ïrepteinber Sntwsriberg wil] recoive either Registered 01 Coupon tlicy niav prpfei; Subsc-ibers wUI l0 rcip.ircc] tn pay 1i.-!rtic, ns n Legal Tnlrr N"('' Ar the pintea ui Xationai Banks. I ' II KICHMUND, Cttihier. Ann Arl.or, April Bth, lMi-1 BrinkèthofFs Self-RakiuT REAPER & MOWER COMBINED. rj-'HE BnnkerboíPrt Self Rablíi I Uowor JL Conibiaed is tbs pa!j wlfabïe elf raker olfon (3 '- tht larïno'-s of tlus County. Tin.! other Mncliinos wluch are ütTered In this marknt have oulj rakee od their advertisemonts , the agenta nqt riarmg to warranl tljf fnarJunes eniii'i1. We also wamint. the I.'; nkorhofF Machino to__cut nny gnies which can be cut by auy machine, and wepro pOkC to put it into the field ngaiiist auy Maclilue that runs which cuts giass and grttin. d50m3 BA VID M. FTNLET. Ann Arbor May lOth, 18Ö4. G'-neral Á'ent. JUST RECESVED NEW CAPPETSj NEW SHAWLS, NEW. DELAI1S, 1W GRENADINES, New öloaks, New Prints, MW &LMÈMÈM, Pil S1LIS, iSTew Dress G-oods, ín gr e at vari et y. NEW GOODS OF ALL KINDS, FOR SPRING TRADE, O. Ï3C. IVIXXjXjE:!'. Arbor, April, '64. 952m2 II AT STORE! o G O T O S,p fif! fttt'C Bafore yon bu y , sjriag and styles ot SÏRAW GOODS! GENTS' Fnrnishüig Goods, Sec. Jno Arbor, April 2üth, 1SG4. 3id9ö3. Ayer's Ag-ue Gura.


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