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The Fremont Platform

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The Cleveland Oouvention, which nominated Fkkmont and Cocukanh Ifor President and Vice President, adopted the iollowing platform. Read it, preserve it, anil eurei'ully compare it with the Bitltimore platform: I. Ttat the Federal Union shall be preserved. 2 Thnt the eonstitulion and laws of the United States must be observed and obeyed. 3. Tluit the rebellion must be suppreesed by force of anus and without compromiso. 4. That the rights o( free speech and press and the tabeas corpus, must bo held in eiolate, save in dkstriots where rnartial law has been prociaimed. 5. That the rebellion has dostroved slavery, and the Federal constitution should be amended to prohibit its estüblishment, and frucure to all men absolute equality before the law. 6. That in egiily and ecooomv are demanded at all times in the administration of the government; that, in time of vi ar, the want of theni is criminal 7. That the right of asylum except for crime and subject to law, is a recognized principie of American hberty ; that any vioJation of it cannot he overlooked, and mut not go unrebuked. 8. That the national policy known as the Monroe doctrine ha become a reeognized principie; and that the establishment of an anti-reublican governmt3üt on this continent by aay foreigu power cannot be tolerated. 9. That the gratitud and support of the nation are due to the fujthtul soldiers and the earnest leaders ol the Union army and navy, loi their beroie achievementH and deathless valor in defense of our imperilod country and civil liberty. 10. That the one term poliuy for the Presidency adopttd by the people is strengthtned by the torue of the existing crisis, and should be maintained by constitiüiona! amendments. II. 'I hat the constitution should be so amended that the President nnd Vice President shall be elected by a direct vote of the people. 12. That the quesiion of the reconetruction of the riibellioüs States belongs to the peoplo ihrough their n;presentatives in Oungresë, and not to the Executiye. 13. That coiifiscatiou of the lands of rebels, and their distribution among soldiers and actual settiers are moasures of justice.


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