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The City Of Richmond

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Richinoiid, by the lust census, had a popula! on of 38,000 o.ils, but tlie greut influx of civil ind military office and refugees from olher parta of ibe StMt has proDably ryked il to a much higher figure. It is sitiated at the head of water, atthelower falls nf Janus Rivor, 150 miles ÍVoin its moutli. The eily (rccnpios a most, picluresijiie situatiou, buing built on Richmond and Shuckoe hilfs, which aro Espuratcd by Shockoe (,'ri.ek, und surniunded by beauliful scenery. It is regularly laifll ut und well built, the atleet, whicli i ure lightud with g-as, crossinsí each other at right ingles. On Shockoe Hill are the State Capitol ami olher public buildings. The Capitol is ah rtíptisriiig edifico, and contains in its central Houdon's celebratod wtatuu of Washington. On the east of the fiquarte is the Goveriior'a mansión. Jé ff. Dn!1 resideuce is a private mnnsion, vvhtch : was purehased tor him by the rebel j governiocnt. The city has rnany fine public buüdiütrs, 8 bank, 13 newjapers and 23 elrureiuw. In one of the brea Presbyterian churches Jeff Davia worships. The fitlls oi Jame.s river :tford iinruense wuti-r power, and there iré very extensivo íactorios, including our cottori and alut fifi y fao olies, mac,hine shops, nlc, ihe I-itter ol wliioh. and partieularly the i redegar Ton Works, have been of immense sur ia; to ihe rebels iu turrlig out f;i'd nance ind matoi'ialeof yvar. The annuil exports i f Hichraond before the rcbeilion reached nearlv $7,000,000, and ts iin)orts $750.000. But iuee it had the honor of' being the rebel capital ils oreitfii comiiiercehuH beeijexÜDguished. VosseiH or gunboats Irawing ten fuet can afcend to witliin u fuile of the city at a piuco called the Rin-,kt:ts. Vensels f fitteen feet drafl ascend to Warwick. tlu ee miles below. A jan! has been :uilt aro'jnd the falls, and above theui thore is tüivigalion f'or two Imndred miles! The James river and Kanawlia Ciinal, inleijiled t.o A'tend t! Covirigtoi), i ii)p!t!d tor "200 miles ï?iohmond has very uxleusive cimniuniciitions, being the lérniihu" ot fee roacis - running tn Fiedi't'icksbnrg md ihe Potoinnc, to West Point and the York River, Petersburg aud .Norfolk, to Llanville Va., to Juekson's River, by the Central lïailroad - and from thece connections Ieai all throagb the Southern States. Opposite the city are the two towns of Sprig Hill and M nchoste. Hiuhmond wm founded in 1742, became the oapilal of the Slaie of Virginia in 1779, and in June, 1861, it was made the nest of overmuent of the "Confederite gtates of Ameut-a," whise Oongi'ess assinbeí ihxvo .on Jiily 20. lts history ince then ís only too familiar in the country. Arouiul tho city are various hills, t-xteiiding a great distanc, on the most important of whioh fortifitiatiors were erected in the days of tho " On to llchmond:' cry. TíLr I" ;l recenlly pubüslied nove!, oalled " Hcaït ar licú," appcars tiie following gushing passage : " And slie, leuning on his ttrong miud, aud giving up her vyuole soul to bim, was so happy iu thus spoilir f herself, so glad to be thus robbed, oferiug I ïm the rieh nilk of íove in a full udder of trust, and i ing for biw to cowe and tako it." GF" A e sick wip, desirous to indícate tlic ext.eut and cliaracter of liis lovo for the empresa of bis bcart, c!aimed, " Ah, Misa Browu, niy affection : for you is as stroug as- as - is as the j but'er they pivo us for dinner ! " _ i 1 in 13P " ïhey dou't inako as };0od uiirror as tbey ust'd to," resjjirfcèfl p ÖU maid, as slio obseryed a pair of suiijfen eyes, wrinkjld faop and livid coijiplexion, in a glass that she usually looked into. l3 Wlien t!,.o plough was first , ducod into South Afrioa, on of thu Ciffre lords cxelaimed, "See how the thing tears ; up tho ground with its mouth i It is worth more than fivo wivei ! " J Moro tlian ten suicides uke place evcry day iu Franci' : lapt yeaf 4,000 JjptscuP caoiinittOfJ suieid.


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