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PubtishBiiTery Friday thethiru story of kobrick block.ooriiiírof Maio and Hurón Sta.. AN'N (tlllMt, Hich. Emranceon Uuron Street, oppositethe ELIHÏÏ B. POND, Editor and Publisher. Terma, $3,OO a Ycar In Advalice. UrertUIng- One square (12 Unes or less), one .Mk 'Scents; tnree weeks $1.50; and 25 cents foi '„rinsertion ther0 fter.leasthau thre.e months. (hie square 3 mos $4.00 Quarter col. 1 year $ÏO Ou iqaare 6 mos 6.0Ü Half column fi moa 20 On qure 1 year 9 00 Half column 1 year 35. Vïosa'res 6 mo 8 00 One coiuinn fi mos. 06 Tn q'res 1 .voar 12.00 One oolumn 1 year 60 Carda iu Directory , not to exceed four lines, Í4.00 '■'"or'i""'" ttl' ertent nf a quartiT column, re i.IrthrouKhtheytar, will be entitlrd to have thir tlrd 'n D':tory without oxtra cbarpe. vdrortiaemnnts unaccomnnnied by writtenor ,(rt,l Uroctions willlie pubhshed until ordorod out „d cliarged accordingly . teral a.lïBrtisemonts, tirat itisertion, K0 cents pel olio "5 cent per folio for ach subsequent Usertion K ''n -i pnjtpcnement is artded to an advertisement the „h! iH bo charged thesame as for Brstinsertion. Jh Prlntlng- Pampblet. Hand Hills. Circular. CÍ", Bal' Tioïft., 1-.W'. Blank. Bill H„.d8. and ,d"ith prompt ae, and in th" be-t stïl rrd- We h Rnfegl Rotary Canl Prons. and rVrtitr of the latest tyles of Card tyri' bieb Llf "ïo ardí of all kind. in the mhl üíiibleitrloandcheaper thm any other house mi the ir Bu.'inw '"■'1il f"r mm "' " avication and p.o(uilonn tUll, Wed.line and Visüing Curds, printod oh ,krt notie. Cali and see samples. BOOK BISDÏSG- Conncctedwiih the Office s a Hhok 8io-1"V in oharg of twn competent wnrkmen - S.ty Kccord, Ledeer. , Journal, and all Blank Bonk. I,".' rder, and of the best sto.k. Pamphlets Mld ,,rl..4icata bouud in a neat ud durable manner. at De. ".liprleM. Eriuco to Bindery turough the Argiit 09c.


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