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A Horse Story

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pondent ot ihe Heral.dw rites au account oí the famciiirt bnrse raid, within the liueti and without riiJern. He sava : " Nc;ar Bermuda Hundred ttiero is a larjre corral, vvherc nll ttio dissitilud and worn out horses - br&Ught licrtf hv Gen. Sherid n aftèr his tarnous raid ure Coliliued. T!:e pimr bcjasls havo ap parontij hut liltle ot' thoir original vijf. or left, 'l'hat wat what we lboBght a week or more siuoe. Noiv we have changed our opinioi). During the heavy ttrinir on our right a short time since thewe lamo and worn out' equino warrioi'H pricked up their ear, straighted their sore and stitf lirnb-', tussed thcir inanes, fnnned in squadrons, and with n snort charged un a numbor of iTioffenrfVfl muien. 'J'he mulep were ins-tantly killed, and the othera tled in thff iidesi disorder. The liorses again tot-mud to tli(; miisic. 'of Güln.oi-e's aVtillery and pharaed on a high rail fence, wjiieh Ihey atmice broke down. TIley did iot df.-i-l from ilieir warlike derno-iatralions until tlie urtillurv ïirme ceiised." ë Öfg'orW Thós. A. Rwley, HaH been aiio, [o the c.oininainf" oi the' icpartm ■ut of Mouongaiielü, neadquarIers at PtttsbtiTgb.


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