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Democratic State Convention

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A Democratie State Convpntion will I e held in Deiroi, at el i ven o'clock in the foitMinon of Thr.t.-HÏay, thefirstday of September next, for the purpose of uomihnting a Slat o ticket and Pies-irlcntml életjtow, and fnr the jui rpoe ol transad ing such other business as BMty como befare the ('onention. Eacli couuty comprising ene or moro representa' ve tlistricts will be entitleii to Iliree times its many dele gatrs as there are representative.-, iti the lower bous oí the State Legislatu: e f rom such couní.v ; and eaeh count)' whicli m:iy not be entitletl to one rejreïentative in the Irwer house of 1 he I,egisI;itürL' will be entitled to ene delégate in tlie State Convention Hy rwolutíoiu ot foiQier State Cooveiitions, no dele gate will be eotitled to a seat in tlie Cunveotion who does not reside iu the county he pui-ports lo represent, f xcept with reference to the counties of Lhe Upper I'eninsula. It ís respectfuUy urged upon the democvats of the several counties to perfect their local organizations for the great l'residential contt tliatis now befori us. Dated Detroit, July 9, 1864. LEVI BISHQJ', Chairman., H. N. WALKER, W. A. RICH..10ND, STEI'ÍIKN G. ULARK, ADAM L. ROOF, N. A. BALCH, AÜdTIN WALEd, H. A. LYBROÜK, II. H. HARMOX, ■ O. SI. BARVSS, VM. tí. MILI.KR, L. D NORRLS, JOáKPH COl'LTKR, lVmocratic State Centnvl Committee.


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