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$pM pottenMÍCÜÍGaF CENTRAL RA1LRO AD, Passengeitrains now leave Detroit Xhicago,and the ■ieveralritatiunsiii thisCuunty ,as folio vs : GOING WEST. Leave Day Ex. Dext. Ac. Evo. Ex. NightEx. Detroit. 8. CO a. m. 3.45 P.M. 5.00 l M S 45 P. M. Ypsilanti, 9.20 " 6.05 " 6.27 " 10.00 " A.m Arbor, 9.40 " 5.30 " 6 60 " 10 20 " Dexter, 10.05 P. M. 6. CO " 7.15 " ' Chelsea, 11.20 " " 7.35 " - " Ar.Chicago 8 15 '; " 5.30 a. m. 8.45 a. M. GOING EAST, Leave. Br. Ex. Dex.Ac. NiirhtEx. Tly Ex. Cbicaim 6.00 r.M. 10.00 r. M 0.30 A. 51. Chelséa, A.M. 7.45 a. M. 4.06 l'.M. Dexter,' 5.45 " 8.0 " 4.20 " Ann Arbor, 4 2 A. M. 6.10 ' 8.2S " 4.45 " Ypsüanti, 4.45 " 6.35 ' 8 45 " 5.05 " Ar. Detroit, 6.10 " 8.00 "10 00 " 6.30 " The Day Expresa each way ia the Mail Train. Trains do not stop atitations wherefiguresareomitteiinthe table. Trainsconnectat DetroRwUta theOreat Western and Grand Trnnk Kailways of Canada, and the Detroit and Toledo, and Detroit and Miiwaukee Railroads, and Cleveland Steamers At the Comparv's Ticket Offices at Detroit, Chicago, Joliet aníl Ijifaye'tte, throueh tickets can purcliased toall the principal cities and towns in the United itates and Cañadas . LUXURIOUS SLEEP1NC, CARS upon all night trains. Ruttan's celebcated Ventilatinft Apnaiatus upon all day train - the best dust preventativein use. B N. RICE. General Superiotendent. 43T PIifK. R. J. LYON'S' Patients and all others interrested will pleaw take notice that he will contin ue nis visita at the Monitor House. Ann Arbor, during 1864 and '65 and at the expiratwn of which he wil] dis continue his visits and open an Inflrmary at Cleveland, Ohio, for the treatment of Lung and Chest diseases. An ixiEEESTiXG Letter. - Messrs Pxjst & BrufF, Agcnts N. Y.Sanitary Society, Rocheater- Gents . I deern it due to you state the magical effect of that one bottleof People's Curewhich I obtained trom you in NoTember last. Seciug the advertisenienl of yunr So. ciety offering to give your medicine to clerjrymen for tbe poor of their parishes, I oDtaineda bottie fora poor girl of my congregation, who had long been nearly help lessfroin Rheumatism, and strauge to say, that one bottte cured her entirely. I write this hoping it may aid the Society in its eflurts to introduce the medicine, and Mess thoe who may neert such a remtdy ; and I nseatrong terms,a8 I believe its merits will fully justify the most auperlative forms of speech.. Yours, Respectfully, C. R. WILKINS, PaBtor of the First Presbyterian Church 922yl Pittsford, Monroe Co. N. Y. O-TWENTY-ONE YEARS AGO-XD M. O. C.Bristol a distinguïshed Chemist and Drug gist of the city of Buffalo, N, Y., invented and manu. factured a compound known as BRISTOL'S BALHAM OF HOARHOUND, which is a perfect spbcific for COUGHS, COLPS, Or any ÜBONCHIALOr LCXG DIFFÏCULTÏES ari6ing from damp, cold, or sudden cbange of the weather. Every person w ho bas ever taken BRISTOL'S BALSA M OF HOARHOUND, pronounces it the bst article ever invented ; and so justly celebrated has it become, tbat the market ís already full of imitations, connterfeits, and most Mangerous compounds, under the name of Balsam of Hoarhouüd. Tïierefore, alway be careful to cali for Bristol's Balsam , and see tliat his WPJTTEN signature is on the outside label of the bottie. Mark. - This invaluable Medicfne has been now eome twentv-one years before tlie public, and without any effort on the part of tbE proprietor, ïts sale has bfcome very extensive, and is daily increasing. The low price at wbich the Medicine is sold (?5 CENTS) enables ALL to partabe of its bealing qualities. C. CROSBY, BUFFALO, N.Y. Sole manufacturer, to whom all orders should bc addressed. For ale byall respectable druggists. Iyeow922 Ckerokee Remedy and Injection. To OUB Female REJIDKns.- We cn.ll the attention uf our female readers to the advertisement in our columns of the CHEKOKEB REMEI1V ASI) I.NJECTIO.V, for thecure Of Fluor AlbnB, or the Whites. These venetablo compounds have been found a most aovereign speclficfor this use, by the removal of which thoy also aiJ in rogulatlngthe periods of the female synem, oftcn iutwrupted by Wluor Allus. They are certaiu to cure eneerlilyaurt thorouglily , and contain no mineral poisous- ue periectly innopuous to the most delicate organization. They are alao the best aud most eITective euro of Gonorrhoea and Gleet yet dlícovered. Cali foi Cherokeo Kemedy or Injection. Sold by all druggists throughout the country. Im962 AGOOD TEEE IS KNOWN BY ITS FRUIT. So B a Ko'l l'hvsician by his iuocnsslu! Works. PROFESSOR R. J, LYONS, THEGRE1T ANI CEI.EBKATED PIIVS1CIAX OF THE 1 THROAT, LUNGS AND CIIEÍT, Known all over the countr as the Olebrated INDIAN IIBRB POCTOE! From South America, will be at liis rooms, KC.SKLL HOUSE, DETROIT, OnthDl8lh and 19th !nst.,oli tilo same rtoio of an iiverv subsequent mooth during 18tV2 and 1803, A fíE.Vr PAMl'llI.KT Of the life,study anrt extenslve navels of Dr. Lyon can be procured by all whodesireone, free of chrre. Dr. L will visit Ann Arbot, Jaclisqn.and Adriau Mtch., asfollowK : Ann Arbor. Monitor Iloune, 20th. Jackson.Hibbard House. 21st Adrián, Bracliett Hi use, 22d and 23d. Mode ok Ezavi.iatioh. - The Doctor discerní diseas bytheeyes. He, tUerefore, asl;s no questions nor re q'iiresp'atients to explain symptoms. Afllicted, com anJbave your symptonis and he locstion of your di tdt explaíned free oí charge


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