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The Wool Market

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The clip iu tbia section has beeu largely bought up, and but little is now coming forward except on contract. Some large lots are held by growera for an advance, probably not amouuting in all to one-sixth of the year's clip. Our buyera give the following as the amount of their purchases tóldate: Bach& Botsford 266.000 C. H. Milieu 170.000 A. P. Mills & Co., 130.000 Philip Winegar, 27.000 Wines& Worden 25.000 C. A. Mooro 12-000 Stebbins & Wilison, 10.000 Michael Duffle, 10.000 Total 650.000 We venture to say that the same quantity has not been bought at any pther place iu the State. Yesterday buyers vrere Sering 90@95 ets. Jt3C No new Wbat is coming into market. We quote oíd, No 1 White, $2,15 ; Red, $2,05. We note no material change in other produce since our last. JP3ÜT The droutb still contiuues in this vicinity, and corn, potatoes, garden vegetables, &c., suflfering for want of rain. has been favorable harvest weather, and the farmers have progrossed wtth their work ñnely. JSfT The Cotutuon Council bas ordered a meeting of the quaüfied electora Of this city to be held on Monday evening, August 8lh, to consider the subject of voting a bounty of $IUO to each voluoteer under the late cali. " Come in out of the Draft. Residents of the 3d, 4th, and 5th Wards of this city, iiable to draft, are requested to come to the Court House, this, - Friday - ovening, July 29th, at 1% o'clock, to take measures to üill the quota of the district. Let all come. THE LIABLE. JE5T We fiud on our table, vaiting and deserving notice. the August number of the Ecltctic Magazine It is embellished with a magnificent engraring from the burin of Periné: "The Great Naval Batüe below New Orleans, April 24th, 1862. The conteuts comprise fourteen papers selected from leading foreign quarterlies and mont blies, and cover a wide range of literature. AmoDg them are: Tbe Basin of the Upper Nile and it inhabitants. The Basque Country, The Last New Empire, The Eaces of the Old World, London Editors and Political Writers, Pompeii, &c, &c. $5 ayear, with two beautiful premium Parlor Prints. Address W. H. Bidwell, No. 5 Beekman street, New York. H3F Col J. W. Hall, by order of Gov. Blair, isre organizing iheFourtb RegimcDt of Michigan Infantry, recently inustered out of service. It reodezvous at Adrián. Those wishing to raise companiea and parts of companies sliould make early ttpplicatioD to Col. Hall.


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