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The Quota Of Michigan 18,282

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The quota ftlr this Stato under the new cali July 18th, for 500,000 men, bas just been received at the office oí the Military Oommandunt, and is as followa : First Congressionnl District 4,219 Secoüd Congressional District 'a'ir Third Congressional District o'Iaq Fourtli Congressional Distiict 2 449 Fifth Ooiigressioual District fPlj Sixth Congreaaiocal District. . ..,74 Total ?■ A circular haa been issued by Provost Marshall General Fry with the following instructions. I. Undor the President's cali of July 18, 1864, for five hutidred lbousand voiuntoers, men will ba eniisted and muxtered in for one, two, or ihree years, as they may in each caea elect. II. The bounty provided by law is as follows : For recruits, ncluding representative ecruUs. - (whit? ur colorcd,) for oue year . . . .100 .i " twoyoars.... 2üO ii " three yeara . . . 300 Thefirst instaltnents of bounty wil! be paid by tha Mustering and Disbuiïng i.fficers wheu the recruit i laustered in as followa : To a recruit who enlists in tho army for'one yoar $33 33 " " two 66 GC i ' " three 100.00 III. No premiums whatevor for the procuration of recruits will hereafler bo paid by the United States. This, however, will not affect the paytnent of premiums due for the proouration of recruits previous to the dute of this order, (July 19). IV. Neithcr drafled men nor svbstiules - furniwbed either before or after draft - ave entitled to bounty from tüe United States. The faot as to whether the man is n recruit entilled to bounty, oí a draftöd man or substitute not enti tled to it, should be Doled on tho enlistment papers and muster-in rolls.


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