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A Tree Hewn By Bullets

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peoplo," snys the Hiclimoud Jinqmrer, "havtí doubted (.he literal accuraey of tha disputch eooeMüg the buttle or SpottHylvaiiKi, whirh ullogod tliat trees wero cut down uuder the coueetitrated' fire ot balls We doubtéd" the literal tact ourselveci, aad would doubt it still but fior the hidispuiablo testimony of Dr. Charlod Macgül, au ee witoess of the battle. TIiü tieo stüó'i in tlö roar of our breastwoi-ks, at x point upon whioh at one time the most murderous musketry lire Üiat ever wis heard of was dii-ecied. Tlio tree füll insido our works, and injiired neveral of our mea. After tlio biittle, Dr. Macgill mtueured tho truuk, and found it twépty-two inebes tlirwh, aod sixty-one iuches iu ciroumlimritiè, actually 'haoked t'hrough by the awfui óVi.lMuèl.t f bullots paokiDg igaiust it. Tho íóly of the tree was trimmed away ad eil'eetuully as thougl an army of loousts hud hwarmed iu its branches. A grasshopper eould not have lWed through the peltiog of that luaden storm, aud but fur the fact tbat troopB were proteeted by breastworks, thev would have boeD swept away to a aaao, '


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