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scribers to whom we addressed bilis soine weeks since, have not yet responded to our urgent cali. We hope that they will lo so jniniediately. Our tieed is great, and the adrance in stock, labor, living, fcc.,makes it necessary that subscribers, advertisers, and job patrons, be prompt in paying bilis. _We also hope that all to whom we have not sent bilis wi 1 niake wttlemeot, without wailiug for us to do so, (y The residenoe of W. C. Voorbiis, on Huron Street, in the western piirt ol our city. was enteied by a burglar abeut 4 oMock on Wednesday morning. Entrance was eftected througli a window, Mr. VS room ,isited, andls watcli,- a silver lever,- wallet, diary, knife, &c, taken. As the burglar was about visiting other rooms, the inmates were aroused, when he escaped by jumping ovt of another wiudow, Mr. V. being just in time to see him stooping down by a cellar windoiv, iiear which was afterwards found a revolver dropped by the burglar in his sudden exit. Mr. VooEUErs afterwards found his allet - minus the money it contained - and a pocket rnle near the house of a neighbor, uhere a stranger was noticed hangingaround about daylight. We also hear that the residence of A. A. Terey, on División Street, ■as entered a few nights siuce, and that other residences liave been tried. It stands our citizens in hand to be on their guard. L2" Lieut. Col. O. L. Mann, of the 39th Illinois Infantry, Maj. Jonx E. Clark, of the 5th Michigan Cavalry, aud Maj O. B. 3ant, of the 20th Michigan Infanliy, will talk to the people about the war as they have een it, at the M. E. Church, this erening.- These otiicers are all our own citizens, and their old friends will be interested in hearing lian. „ii.i " p There was a very largo turn out on the occasion of the Pic-Nic at Whitmore lake on Saturday last, doder the auspices of St. Bridget's Clmrcli, of Northfield. A rainy day 'as protuised in the inorning, buttheday prored very favorable. The address of Hon. H. J. Beakes was highly commemled. With siiling, an.l fishins, and dancing in the eveninj. a good time was had. Gwinner's Band discoiirsed ntring music. ■ il, 4 - ►iWwi- - jL'3L" Students are beginning to come in in considerable numbeis, and there are prospectivo fnll nnmbers in all departments f the University, aud in tlie High School. - Toaceommodate searchers foi' board, those fciring boarders are refjuested to leave their names with J. II. Burleson, Steward of the University. S?e his card. Z-'-ST 'i'lic severa! Public Schools of tVis city will open on Monday next. As vacant seats will be few and scatteriiiJ all sch'ihrs onght to be promptly on hand at thet tópof the bell. L2" The July number of Uio Westtünster Recicw has the following articlos : - Public Schools i ii England, Novéis wiih a Parpóse, Liberal French Prótestantism, Mr. iLewes' AristotJe, The Tenure of Land, Dr. JVeunia and Mr, Eingsley, lidond About tn Prugress, Thackeray, Contemporary Literature. $J a year ; with the other three Rtmtwt and Blackwnod, 10 a year. Address Leo.vakd Scott & Go , 38 Walker Street, Sew Tork. ii ni L" The September number of Godty's Lady's Dook lias a very readable table of contents, and is profusely iilustrat-ed, especially in tlie fashion departnient, and the Jadíes seem to be interested in the fashions ■more than in times of peace. Godey doe.s not let high prices cramp his eftbrts in the least. $3 a year ; two copies, $5. Address L,A. Godey, 323 Ohesttmt Street, Philadel-. phia, C2 TQe September number of the Eelectie Magazine has a varied and excellent íableof contentf?. Among ;he articles are : Jiimbles in the Deserts of Syria, The Argument from Analogy, The Races of the Old World, Thackeray and Modern Fiction, The Moráis of Literature, &c. The Table of Miscellanies is more extended than usual and embraces a wide range. The illustratioas of we number are: Mozart at Vienna, a very fineplate; and a portrait of the Editor, W. H. Bidwell. $5 a year, with two beautiful Parlor-Prints to each subscriben Address W. H. Bidwbll, No. 5 Beekman Street, New ïork. I3E" The September number of the L&i' Repository has a varied, interesting, ind instiuctive list of papers. There are two Snely executed steel plates, "Oriental City a"d Scenery," and a portrait of Mme. De Siael. The new editor seems ableanddetomined to keep up the high character the Üqttkury has so long enjoyed. f 2.50 a year. Address ilessrs Poe & Hitchcock, CincinMti, Ohio. CS" We have reeeived the first numer of the campaign edition of the Detroit " Prets. U is a 28 column paper, without ■'ertisements, and closely filled with matter Pertinent to the times. Taking this issue as a?narantee for future nmnbers, and it is cerunto bo a greal helper in the campaign, giTing its readers a maas of reliable political 'ntelligence and discussion which can not be Wfodouble the money in the shapo of uments, pamphlets, speeches, etc. It de'wres arui sh011](i ]iave a )arge crcH]aton _ 'tsterms are extrenlely low ; single copy, 50 cents; flve' copies, $2.25; ten copies, $4.- Address Walker, Barns & Co., Detroit.


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