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Safety Of Families

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One of the very best meaos oí pre-' serving the health, bappiness and moráis of sons and daugbters, for raising them up to occupy high, reeponsible, and honorable positions in society, and' for securing to them au oíd age of quiet repose, with a happy freedom froni wasting and wearing diseases of mind and body, is to make home, the family fireside, tbe companioriehip ot parents and one another, the sweetest, happiest and most delightful place of all others. Taking into eonsideration the intensely inquiring character of the youthful miad, and the tendency in all to regard as true what is put in print, tiere is, perhaps, uo other one melhod of bringiog up a loving and loveable fatnily, of, seeuring a happy household, than that of supplying the ebildren with suitable reading from the time they are first able to read at all. There may be some dïf-" ference of opinión as to what kind of reading is most suitable, but the graat maee of the intelligent and the good wil! have no difficulty in arriving at thé conclusión, that in ihe inain, it should bo euch as will combine truthfulnesa with interest. Fill and feed the miud with facts, iu languago whieh shall engnge the atterition ; facts, and truths, and histories, which Ieud out the sffections, the bost feelings of the human heart, wbieh will wake up the sympathies to a he'ilthful and practical exeroisu. There is no seene iu domestic life so purély beautifui, except that offaraily vyorship, than that of father, mother and childreu, all gatherud around the table, before a cbeeiful, blazing firo, of a winter's evening, reading aloud by turns, with ii,terva's of rtímsrk as to thé eeutiments corivy-ed, their applicatiöh to the times, or to one auotheiytheir literal correctness, the propriety óf thö modes ol expression, and the many óther points wbich may bo 6uggested' ío the mind of reader or listener as page after page is passed over.


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