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The Democratic County Ticket

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The Democratie County Couvention was held at the Court Hoaso, in tLis city on" WeJneaday. Every Town in the County was ful ly represented, and by zoalous, workiug Democruts. The Oonveuüon was presided over by Hon. A. C. Blodget. L. Sanford, of Superior, and P. O. MuitRAY, of Salem, officiated as Vice-Presideats, and K. Costello, Jr., of Dexter, and Geo. W. Hall, of Saline, as Secretarios. The canvass in behalf of the candidatos for the scveral offices was spirited, but conducted sj far as we could sce with good feeling, and cheerfully acquiesced in wheu thü result was auuouuced. Two ballots were had for a car.didate for Judge of Probate, as follows : lst. 2ih1. Por II ira m 3. ..eakes 38 50 ': 13. F. G langer 38 -14 " .A. C. Blodget 17 witlid'rew " I'. Winegar 1 Mr. Bkakes was, on motion, unauiniously dcclared iioininated. Mr. B, is wull kuoiv to the Dmocracy of the County, and has heretof re been callcd to fill various places of trust and honor, always discliarging the duties assigned him, to the talisfaetion of his cunstituents. Ile is an ible laivyer, of careful and correct business habits, and, if olccted, will niakc an excellent Judge of Probate. Wc could have cheerfully said the same of bis ncarly successful competitor, Mr. Granoer, had he been nominated. But a single ballot was taken for a candidato íor Sheriff. It stood : P. Winégar 80 J. L. Forsytli 9 J. J. ïtolnson 1 P. Wall 1 Blank 3 l'inup Winkqak was unatiiraouly declared nouiinatcd. Mr. Win eg ar is the present Sheriff, and we hesitate not to say has made a good officer, discharging the duties of both the civil and criminal departments promptly and faithfully. The almost unanimous voto given him was a deserved compliment. Two ballots were taken for Clerk, as follows : lst. 2nd. E. B. Pond 44 63 T. W. Root 18 13 J. J. Robison 13 12 E R Slawson 10 W. F. Roth G 3 P. Winegar 1 On motion, Mr. Poxd was unanimously declared nominated. Knowing fully the views of Mr. Pond, we can truthfully say that he did not seek the nomination, did not desire it, advised against it, and hesitatingly and unwillingly consented to accept it. Thanking his friends and the convention for the unsought honor, he will use all honorable means to promote the success of the whote ticket, and if elected, will discharge the duties of the office to the beat of h s ability, scarcely hoping, howevcr, to win the reputatiou of the present inounibent. A ballot was nest taken fur Prosecutitig Attorney, as follöWs: A.C. Blodget 51 It. E.Frazer 33 Scattering 7 And, on motion, Amos C. Blodoet was uuanimously dcclared nominated. Mr, Ülopqkt is wcll known as a lawyer of ability aud eneigy, aud as a working'Democrat. Ho will enter the campaign with his coat off, battling for the whole ticket. Two ballots were had for a candidate for Register of Deeds, as follows : Ut. 2nd. Peter Tufte... 42 56 H. G. Sheldon 26 13 Geo. W. Hall i 12 Isaac Magoon 11 10 Mr. ïuite is a resident of the village of Dexter, aud came iuto the Gonvention strongly backed by Scio and the adjoiir ing Towns. He is endorsed as lionest and capable, and hia nomination over the present incuinbent, - one of the best officers the Countyever had - and in preference to such caudidates as Hall and Magoon is certaiuly a high compliment. We trust that ho will be authorized by the penple to entor upon duty on the first of January next. For Trsasurer, but a single ballot was held, resulting: Philip Blum 60 D. Le Baron 8 J. ü. Coicy (j E. M. Ilenriques 2 P. Starring. 1 Philip Blum, of Lodi, was unanimously deelared nominated. Mr. Blum is the present Supervisor of the Township of Lodi. He is a hardworking, rcliable Germán, and his nomination by nearly a unanirnjous vote, is an evidencu of the general coufidence reposed in him. If elected, he wiU make a safe officer. Three ballots were next taken for a candidate for Circuit Court Comuiissioner, as follows : lst. 2ml. 3id. Jolm Carpeiiter, 19 20 11. E. Frazer, 10 15 11 Jolm N. Gott, 15 -tlulrawn. P. M. Eaton. 11 21 12 Patrick McKernau. 27 27 4 Scattering, 0 On motion, Patiuck McKernan, of Northfield, was unauimously declarcd nominated. Mr. McKeknan has been for sevcral years Supervisor of Northfield. He is a gradúate of the Law Department of the University, and a member of the Wa.shteuaw County Bar, two good ccrtificatcs of bis utilera for the office. A ballot for a socond candidate for Circuit Court Conimissioner, resultcd : John Carpenlei", -------- gg P. M. Eaton, - 28 Mr. Caütenter, of Ypsilanti, was unanimously declared nominatcd. Blr. Cakpenter ís a young lawycr of good reputation, is now Justice of the Poacc of Ypsilanti, and is cndorsed by his frieuds and nciglibors as a íit candidate. Charles S. Woodahd was nominatcd for County Surveyor by acclamation. - He has long held the office, and is every way qunlificd to continue to discharge its arduous duties. Levi H. Reynolds, of York, nnd Piulemos C. Ml-keay, two vcteran Demoerats, vrere nominated for Coroners. We expect that they will bo eleetcd, and will signalize their acecssion to office by dischurging very important services - holdiug au impost on_ the defunct opposition. Such is the ticket nominatcd by the Convention. It is a good one, and laying asido all personal preferenees, forgetting all differences, the Democraey should rally and elect it. Democrats before convention have a right to their favoritos, a right to use all honorable meaus to nomínate the candidatcs of their choiee. Ater conventions they should have no eJioice but the ticket, and we trust that such will be now the case. Let no murmurs of disapprobation bo indulged, no thoughts of bolts and splits be harborcd, much less spoken, but let all put their shoulders to the wheel and give a vigorour push for the ticket.


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