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The Capture Of Atlanta

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War Dkpartmkn't, Sept. 4. ïo liajor-General Dix General Sherraan's official report ol the capture of Atlanta, has juat been received by this department. It , dated. twenty six miles i'rom Atlanta six o'clock yesterday morniug, but was' detained by the breaking of the telo. graph lines mentioned in my Uispatch of last night. "As ah-eady reported, the army withdrew from about Atlanta, and u'a tho 3Oth had mado a break towurds East Point lioad, and reachcd a good position frorn which to sitike the Macod Eoad. The right under Howani, reetin nn Jonesboro, the luit under Scbofield Rough and lïoady, and the centre under Thomas at Couch's. Howard iound the eneüiy ia force t Joaesboro, and intreuchud bis troopj within half a müe of the railroad. The enemy attacked Lim at 3 P. M., but was casily repulsed, leaving )m dea and ouuded. On Honday I met with a etormy op. position on the road. I advanced the left and centre rapidly to tho railroad made a good lodgement, and broke it all the way frorn Rough and Keadv down to Ebward's left near Jonostowii, So Atlanta is ours and fairly won. Since the ötb of May, we have been g one continual contest, battle, or skitraish, and need rest. Our losses will not exceed 1,200, aod we have possession of over 300 rebels dead, 250 wounded, aud 1,500 prisoners " (.Signed) "W. F, SHERMAN, Major-General. Another dispatch from General Sierman, dated at Atlanta, last night, 3J 9 P. M , says tbe enemy dustroy'ed 7 locomotives, and 81 cars, loatkd w'ith ammunition, email arms and stores, and left fourteen pieces of artillery, most of thein uninjured. Deserters are constantly coming ioio our lines. (Sigued) e M. SÏANTON, Sec'y. of War, I havo ahvays found that it is the tendency of subordinates to make ves. atious arresta on more suspicion.- . structions to Gen. Buef, Nuv. 12, 1861, Say as little as possible about poli. tics or the negro.- lnttrvctirm to Gn. Bumside, Jan. 7. 18G2.


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