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The New York World of September ldt, bus tbc following ; The National Democratie Conventiou lias done i tg work, and done it well. It has noiránatedtho ablest and most popular ticket ever preseuted for tlio suffrages of the American people. Koth candidates are iti the e . rly piiiríe of vigorous manhood ; botlrare men of such decided power that they made iheir mark as boou as they Were cailcd on to aut in a public capaci ty , bot h are, by instinct aod education, gentlemen; neither is oíd enough tu have boeoimj iocrusted wilh prejudices which usifit bim for playing i us ful part in new eirpumstaoce, or to have surrouuded himself' with a set of party backs who will prevent his diseerniug ïnerit or ability out 'f his own circle The nominatioD of General George 13. McClellan foi1 President of the United 8tates is a sure aigury of' (riuniph in the tlection, and suoocbs in restoring tbc Uniou. The pereofia] qualifieatiorrs which General MoClullan brlrïga to the arduuus task for whioli lie has been selccted are of a very high order. A miiid equally coniprehensive and vigorous ; a ruimst, decisive will ; a soldier's seuse of honor; inflexible ïutegriiy far teaching j sagacity whicli, on a great subject or a great occasion, bas never been at fault; ! geuerous warmth of disposition which ! wius friends ; puriiy of private character which even the eiivenomed breath of slander has been corupelled to : respect; love of country and reverenco ■ for the Constitutiou which were ncver exceeded in the earlier days of the republic ; and a native elevation of character which canuot deseeud to crooked ways and scorns demagogie arts, t his is the assemblage of traits which in Gen. McOlollan make up one of the most effi.ciont and best balanced characters ever called to act on a public stage. His extraordiuary combination of solid with popular qualities, of military capacity with civil aptitudes, of the generosity of early with the wiadom of later manhood, of fitness for the bigbest office with availability as a candidate, qualifios him as pre-eininently for his allotted part ia this crisis, as the character of Washington qualiöed hiru for the great part for whieh he was destined iu achieving our indeper.denee, aud will give to ' The Savior of the Union" a place in our history secoud ouly to that of "The Father of this Country." " Thou didst begin the qunrrel," said &a ancient sage, "but I the reconciliatiou." The election of Abraham Lincoln, was a trumpet of sedition and civil war ; that of George B. McClellan will .be the her:ld oí re-uuiou and peace. The people understand this without argument; and the normnation made yesterday will be hailed tiiroaghout the loyal status with a spontaneous fervor of hopeful enthusiasm euch as nerer before greoted the announcenieüt of a presid'„ntal caudidate, General MeClellan's e!ction will be welcomed by outpouriogs of popular gratitude and demonstrations of publie rejoiciug, whieh will be the pro cursor tud exemplar of those that will ooü fuíloitf to celébrate tbe return of peace. Peaee will thon be at band, for the simple reason that, after his inauguration, the character of the war will. have o chaoged tliat the soulheru pooplo will no longer have a suffieient motive to stand out. They rvill then see that sub■mission to the Üliioii does not involve the overthrow of tbeir institutions, the destruction of their property, industrial dtsorganization, social chaos, negro equality, and the ñámeles horrors of a servile war. They now ieel that they arefighting, not only as every invaded people are said to fight, pro arist et focis, but that owing to the peculiar organization of their society, no other people ever ha 1 as much at stake, either in the sanctity of their homes, or the preservation of their property. The propsrty of other invaded people can only be destroyed ; theirs can be converted into instruuieuts of wholesale arson, rape, and mulder, mukirjg men's most terrible foes, those of their own households. It is by appeals resting on these considerations that the rebel leaders have been able to stimulate the Southern people to a stretch of sacrifico aud endurance sueh as the world has seldom witnessed. These appeals have been irresistible beeauso the daoger was feit to be real. On the electiou of General McClellan, tho overstrained energies of the South will relax; with relief from impending danger, there will' supervene a general lassitude aad prostration; and a peace party will spring up, as if by ruagic, iu every part of the South. In their strong yearnings for peace, the door will bo easily opened for recoustruction on tonus consistent with the honor of the Government. The nomiaation of Hon George H. Pendleton, for Vice President of the United States, is a deserved reoognition of tho marit, patriotism and fidetity of an able and rising statesman. tfliougb not quite forty years of age, thero arö few uien ia public lifo in this country, who have given better proofs of pelitical sagacitj and a, elearer eoiuprehension of the necefssities of the country tlau Mr. Pendleton. He is principally known to the country, as a distinguished lawyer, and a Memoer ef Congress, in wliich ho represeats one of tke Oincinnati districts. He is a powerful debater, who bears himself with a deeorum and conrtesy which eoiauaaüd the respeet even of political oppouenSs, aud a'Lick fit him to presido in the Seaata with dignity and acceptance. Binee reeeiiing iateüigenee oí tiiei nötuinations, thiB city is all alive with enthusiasm. So far as we can judge, the effect is likely to bo equally electiie ia every eity, town, aud hamlet 'm the loyal States ; and, if its ezhibititin would bo allowcd, ia o.very eorps., división, brigade, aud regiment of tho loyal armies, aud amoug the weary, eufl'eriug patriot captives held ae prisuners of war by the rebels. - ii There are now ten thou?au paíienta remaining under treatmeut in tlao hospitáis in aod about Washington. The rebels at one point of their linee receutly atnused themselves by ttiindi:ig one of their colored prisoóera on the rarnpnrts as a hield nnd shooting between hïs legs at uur men. Hu fpíMpw Jtgusu


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