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A Happy Home

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Ttic first yèhr of rnarried life is a most important era in the history of man and iviie. Generally, as it is sp ent, po is al! most subsequent existunce. The wifc and her husband then aowmilate their views and beir desires, or atse, conjnring up their dislikes, they add luel to their prejudicee and miraosities forever afterwards. " I hare sometimos read," saj's Rev. Mr. Wise, in his Bridal (ireetings, " of a bridegruoin wlio gloried in his eccentricilies. He requosted his brido to i acco.npany him iuto the garden, a day or twi) aftei' the wedding. Ho then drew a lino over the roof oí thtir eett-age. Giving his wife one end of it he retreated to tha other side, and exelaimed : ' Pull the line." She pulled it at his raqueé, so far as she could. He cried : " Pull it over." " I ean't she replied. " But pull with all your might,"1 still sbouted the whimsical husband. But vain wero all the efforts of the bride to pull over the line, as long as her Lusband held tho opposito end. But when he carne around, and they botli pulled at the same end, it eame over with great uase. " Thero !" as the line feil from, the roof, " you see hoiv haid and ineffectual was our labor when we both pulled in opposition to eaeh other ; but how easy and pleasant it was when we both pulled together! Ie will .beso with us through lif'ü !" In this illustration, homely as it may be, there is Bound philosophy. liusband and wife must mutually bear and concede, if they wish to make home a retreat of joy and bliss. One alone car.oot tuake h'ime happy. There needs unisón of action, sweetness of spirit and great forbearance aDd Iove in both husband and wifo, to secure the great end of happiness in the domestio cirile. Home is no unmixed paradise oí' sweets ; tlie elements of peaco and true happiness are there, and so, too, are the element of disoord and misery ; and it needs only the bitter spirit of the vorid without to mako it a pandemonium, or the loving genius of harmony to make it the prompter of every aflectionate impulse, Massaclnisetts agente obtained one liundred eolored rocruits in Washington last week, paying $150 a head. - Manv of them wore fine looking fellows, and were aevor eold eo iow before. Boston dealers in sugar, coffee, beef, pedí, and buttor complain that they do not sell more than one quarter the quantity they did &ix montha ago. - They should be more moderate in their prices. Tho Boston Post says there is no truth in the report that Mr. Liscoln ia about to issue a new proelamation., "to whom it may concern," warning the rebels not to approach withio five railes sf Washington. Tiio iie -gs-oat objects oí tiis war are the restoratioH ot' fee sity of the nation, the preservation of the Constitution, and the supremacy of the laws of ::ntry.- Gen. Geo. B. McClellau.


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