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King Stork

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When the froga h'rst petitioned oíd Jupe for a King, He tumbled a log down into the pool, The subjects crawled over the great clumÈy thing, And, croaking displeasure, proclaimed t a fooi. So a second petition went up to their god, (Perhaps it disturbed the old gent at his work, ) At least, He got angry, and swore by his rod, He'd send them another, so gave them a stork. ïhe frogs gazed, with rapture, and chanted with croakSj The praise of their wonderful long-legged King, Adraired his stork countenance, laughed at his jokes, And voted him honest. " Exactly the thing." But soon they discovered they'd made a mistake, Their sovereign a tyriint had proved hiniself, clear, He broke all the by-laws and rules of the lake, And thinned out their ranks for his own royal cheer. In our modern days this fable's reveised, We gave up the log, for the stork of the North, In one item, only, the facts are reversed, Their stork ate the greenbacks, our's vomits them forth. Whitmork Lakk, Aug. 28.


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