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Watchwords For Patriots

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The tnie issue for whieh wo are fighting, is the preservation of tho Union, and upholding the laws of' tbe general government. - lnatructions to Gen. Burnside, January 7 , 1862. We are fighting solely for the integrity of tho Union, to uphold the power of our nationnl government, and tp rea tor6 to the nation theblessings of peace and goooi order. - lnstructions to Gen. Halleck, Noe. 11, 1861. You will picase bear in mint! 'tho precise issue for whioh we are tigliíing ; that issue is the preservation of' the Union, and the restoration oi the f n II authority of the general government over all portions of our terrilory. - Instrvctionsto Gei. Buell, Nor. 7, 1861. We shall mo-!t readily supprefs this rebelüon, and restore the authority of the government, by religiously respecting the constitutional rights of all. - Intiruclions to Gen. Buell, Nov. 7, 1861. Be carefut so to treat the unarmed inhabitants as to conlract, not wjden tho breach e.xisting between us and the rebels. - Instruclion to Gen. Buer, AW. 13, 1861. By pursuing U.e political course, I hrtve always advisedr it is possible to bring about a permanent restoration of the Utjion - a rc-union by which tho rights oí both seetions shali be preaervcd, and by whioh both partiea shall preservo their selfrespect, while they espoct cach other.- Gen. M'cClcUan's .Report. At such a timo as tbis, and in snch a fitruggle, political partisanship should be merged in a true and brave patriotisin, which thinks only of the gnod of the whole country. - Gen. McClellan's IVest Point Oration. Say as little as possible abont politics or the negro. - lnstructicm to Gen. Burnside. Jan. 7. 1862. I havo alvvays found that it ia the tendency of subordinates to make vexatious arresta on mere suspicion. - ínstructions to Gen. Buril, Nov. 12, 1861. The unity of this nation, tho preservation of our institutions, are so dear to rae ihat I have willingly sacrifieed my private happiness with the single .object oí doing .tv duty to my country. ■Letter to Secret ary Camero, Oct. mi. Whatevor the determination of the government m.y be, I wül do the best I can with the anny of the Potomac, and vvill share jts fate whatever may be the task imposed upon me. - Letter to Secret ary Oairtfiron, Oct. 1861. Neither conftscation of property, politicui exccutioHS of pfsflnís, territorial orgnnization of States, rjor forcible abolition of slnvery shonld bo contemplated for a moment. - L,e,ter io president Lincoln, Juln 7, 1S62. In prosecuting fchis wap, all prjy.atö property and unaJTfled pegona shouiá ba strictiy proteuted,. subject to the neqespity of militiiry opasuÜQns.-üter to the Presidení, 'julyj', 1862. Military arrests houkl not be tolernted, exoept n pilcas where ;ictive hostilities exist, and oaths, not requiVec by enactments conatitulionally made Bhould !jo neitlier demanded nor re reived, - Letter to the President Juin 7 1SG2. A deGlaraüon of rndical views, espe oiaüy upon slavery, will rapidly, disin tegrate our prrscnt arm]es.-leelr to the Fresident, Juhj 7, Mllí t 3 not deemed best k) intrust me with the commund even of my onn army, I simplo z to permitted to pbare their late on the field of battle - DUpatch to Hal'ecL August 3D 1862. In tlje arrangement and condüct o oampaign?, the direction shoulr] be left to professional soldiers. - Gen. McClellan's Report. I nm devoutly grateful to God that rny last campaign was crowned with a V'iptory whjoh. saved tjjo psfcion frora the grqateat peril t had then updergpne. - Qev. McChllanh Report.


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