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Charge Of The Black Brigade

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Union Leagues, Lu. on Leagues, Jlany leagues - homeward ! Not one of tliein "to the frout," Not even six hundred ; Forwanl llie ólack Brigade ! General Grecley said, Into the valley of death ; Into the cráter niade Hurl the Nintli Army Corps, Including the Black Brigade, "Ünward - to llichmond !" Forward the Black Brigade ! Many there were dismay'd, Yes, for the soldier kuew Sonie one had liluudered, To place such a coward crew By the side of the tried and true. Along with this gallant corps, Of many brave lmndred, Theirs not to make reply, 'J'heirs not to reason vvhv, Theirs to march on and die, Forward tho Black Brigade; Onward I Cannon to right of thein, Camión to left of theni, Cannon in front of them, Volicy'd and thuiider'd, Storm 'd at wil h shot, and shell ; IIow tlie old veterans feil, Thousands and hundreds ! But how with the Black Brigade 1 Those, Abraham Lincoln said, "Justas brave soldiers made," Good as the scar'd and brave At whom a world wonder 1 Not a one íires a gun ! Runs every molher's son, Bark tino' the ranks they come. Back irom the jawa of death ; Back irom the moiith of heil ; Back! come the Black Brigade, Skedaddling like thuuder ! Not so the army corps. Proud ot' the flag they bore, Covered wiih dust and gore, Charging an army, where Thousands went under, Plimged in the battle smoke, Right for the front they broke ! Secesli and rebel Keel'd liom their steady stroke, Scatter:d asumid'. 'J'hen they feil back, but not, Kot half vï their number. Camión to right ofttrem, Camión to lcft of tliem, Cannon beliiuil ibin, Yolley'd and thunder'd Stormed at with sliot andfshell, White horse and hero feil They that had lbuylit so well, Came througli llie jaws of death, Back froni the cráter pit. Back from the nioutli of heil, All that was left of tliem, Lelt of their number. Wlien slui.ll tlieir glory fade ! Not while in anus array'd Against Southern rebels, Or with votes ! Agaiit Abraham Lincoln, Against theroSoie Black Brigade, Tlicy who the war delay'u, To make it a nigger raid ! They who the slaughter made, Soldiers lemember ! Sucli men can oever save The Uniun our lathers gave And should at lioine be stay'd, The eighth uf November! And Arbor. E. K. S.


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