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To Keep Hams

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Mr. Hrouks of .. Tiotfti Courity givös a mothod of curing liams whiuli has i.ever fiiilod vvith biin. Ho luis I ried tileiB U walt, in grain, in poundcd charcoal, n dry ::mIics and sewed up incloth and whitewashed, but thuy wmi!d sWtüf moukl or iajury soine otBel' way. Ho iheii kisdé sacks for tlioin i f' a yard square of good sheetmjr, jjattih" tlium ui txi'fot'o infeuted by fiies, ouo iii íi SBófe. Snoot hay s out up about ono indi long, ind put in the iracks, iiround the hutns kcoping tliem fVoni the bar. They are tlien !icd up and huiig up ia llio snioke house or soma co. il drv place ; the hay and bag will lu'cp away tho Üits. and allo'A the esuapo of inoistnre, so that they will not nmuld. - lf well cniicil and thotvmgtily sinol;cd, one inay depend on haying guod hit ma as long as thoy Instj (TT ftrr years, the bags wiil last for i jeneratioQ. TIvho who h;ivo not will do woll to try this pht:i. W have no doubt ot' i( boitig acofiipiét'J protection against inould, taiut ur iuSÜCtS. l The L'ooria (III.) Muil status tliat tiirre are only l.inr (ienimns in that i ily, (.ut of 700 Uennan voters who wiil vot ■ lor Lincoln. years ago I-incoln 'ot netirly 5U0 votus in that uily.


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