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Death Of Capt. Wheaton

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QuARTERMASTERS's OfFICE, ) lst Mioh. Infantry, Oct, 1, 1864. ) Mrs. J. H. Wheaton : Djkae Madam - It bcconies my sad duty to inform you of the death of your husband, Gapt. J. H. Wheaton, of my regiment ; for the past week he has been in command of the regiment. Yestcrday morning the divisiĆ³n attaeked the enemy, driving thern from their works, the Capt was the first man on the Fort captured. He was shot through the head while trying to rally a Brigade of the 9th corps. His body was taken from the field, and this morning sent to City Point to be embalmed, and probably bo forwarded by Express to Chelsea to-morrow. Bis money is in the possession of the Acting Adjutant of the regiment, and will be forwarded at the earliest opportunity ; his sword and belt I have in my posses. sion, which I will keep until I can send it by some responsible person directly to you. Before closing, allow me to say, that the sympathy of every officer and soldier of the regiment are with you; that in the death of the Captaia, our country loses one of its best and bravest officers. None knew him, but to love and respect him. We feel his loss greatly. He was a particular friend of mine, and I consider it my faithful duty to inform you of his death, and in this your hour of grief, it muy be a slight consolation to you and his many friends, to know you have the heart-felt sympathy of every one who knew him. Yery respectrully, KANS F. POOLE.