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How Elections Are To Be Carried

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Sorue friend in the army of the Southwest has sent us a copy of the Narhvilla (Tenn.) Press, a McClellan 'y urnal. The followiiig article was markod, and a request made that we "copy." We do so cheorfully, only retnarkiog that it shows the uafair meacs by which our Hepublican frieuds expect to carry the coming election : Fort Negley, Nashvillb Tenn., ) September, 29th, 1864. Editor oj the Prest : Sik: - As wo live we loarn. Who would have thought, four years agr, that the electivo franchise of Amorioan ckizens would be tramraeled up as it is today ? We woald cali your attention to one of the moat damnablo outrages ever perpetratcd on the privilogcs of freemen. An order came to the comraanding officer of the 12th Indiana Battery, statioaed at Fort Negley, to furlough a cortain portion of the men belonging to his cotnmand homo Jo rote, as the Constitution of the State of Indiana precludes her soldiers from voting in any place except in their own county and town. Wcll, the eomrnanding oiEcer made the selection ; and among those selccted, not a deinocrat could be found save one, and he is pledged to voto for O'iver P. Morton for Goveruor. The Lieutenant said that the Government would transport no man home who would not vote the Republican ticket. This is the way soldiers are treated who have served thcir country tliirtythree months, and who have re entisted for another term of three years. All we ask is a fair chanco according to our number. Tho Battery stands about sixty five for Lincoln, and about fifty for "Little Mac." If they will send home ono third domocrats we will have nothing to say ; bui if we, as soldiers, have to be treated in this way, because we bonestly d i ff e r in opinión frora the party in power, we pray God ñr a chango before we are overlastingly ruined as a free people. ïifty Indiana Democbatb. ltl lll J53L The Board of Supervisors commenced its annual session on Monday last, and organized by electing J. Webster Ciiilds, of Augusta, Chairman. ' We have not had time to attend its sessiou, and cannot find space for its proceedings in full. We shall howevcr, give from week to week, a synopsis of its doings. ÖF" Secretary Sewnrd's son has been made a Brigadier-General for gullant conduct on the field. Which ? Where 'i When ? "The pnnere don'l siy." ti iáT Tliere are Kepublicaus who lioncstly bolieve that Ihe tvar is beiyg proseeuted to put dowu the rebulüou and restore the Uuiou. Thera may lo „Kepublicaas who believo that the Constitution- has not been viólate!,, that that document authorizes the feuapension of the writ of habeas corpus, arbitral y arres's, the suppression oí' newspapers, general ëmaucipatiou, Sec, &c, and that wheu the rebclliou has eeased the Coustitution will live. Wo would invite any such lo a careful consideration of the following emphatie declarations bj leading llepublicans. Heuator Lane, of Kansas, says : "The Uuiou as it was s played out." Tiiaddeus Stevens, of Penn., said in Cougress : "The Union as it was and tho Constitution as it is - Godforbid." And liepresentative Bingiiam, of Ohio, piously ejaculated : "Who in the naino of God wants the Cotton States or any other Btates this side of periiition to remain in tho Union, if slavcry is to continue." Read these deolaratious in the light oí the "To whom it raay Concern" letter, and deoide whether the Coustitution is now tho chart which governs the dominant party. The Coustitution has not leen amended, until it is legally aineuded elavery cannot be abolished, and yet no Union is to be reeognized without slavery. Thit is the ultiuiatum. Think of it, all Uuion-loving men. 1 1 mim i L3í Óur Demooratio irienda at Chelsea, are up and doing, and propose to give a good account of themselves in November. A correspondent writes us : Cuelsea, Oot. lOtb, 186-1. E. 13. Pond, Eeq., Deau Siu: - Sylvan is one of the dark Gorners in Washtenaw Countv. It has fortnerly been Republican by from 40 to 80 majority ; but the cloud is fast passing away, and the break of day has appeared. A McClellun club has been organganized, which holds its meetings on Mouday evening of each week. The officerH are : President - S. S. Eandall. Secretary - A. Í3lackney. Treasurer - 1$. S. Sundermn. With a Vioe-Pre.sidunt for each School District in the Tovvo, and one each for the Tovvns of Lyndon and Dexter. I see by the Argus that Judge Johnson has an appointinent for Chelísea, on the 27th of the month. We will try and give him a good reception. B.


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