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A Sad Affair

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-A sad affair red in the Third Ward on ATednesday, at the rssideuce of Mr. Kuhnle, corner of Felch ind Füuntain Streets. Mrs. K. left home for the purpose of gathering some fuel, locking in the house her three little girls, the oldest jed about five years, and the youngest but little over a ycar. When she returnèd she (ound the oldest girl dead, her clothes being bntned oft, and lier flesh burned to a crisp. - The second child was alive, but the flesh of her hands and anus badly burned. The youngest child, which had been left in a crib, was burned slightly and smothered, but was rfstored to life. The bedding was burned and quite a hole burned ia the floor under the bed. It is supposed that the oldest girl et her clothing on fire in attempting to kindie a fire. Mrs. K. was in the habit of locking her children in to prevent the second one froin running away. We understand that Mr. K. is not an j lodied man, is not able to earn good wages, nd the family is in need of assistance to f place the bedding and clothing burned. Contlibutions of bedding, clothiug, &'c, left at thestoreof N. B. Colé, will be delivered to them. tT The following is a list of Petit Jurors drawn to serve at the October Term of the Circuit Court Tor Washtenaw County, to be convened ou Tuesday, the 25th day of Oct., instant : Geo. Jeffries, Dexter. David B. Roiïson, Ypsilanti. Geo. Kosier, Dexter. Erastus Branson, York. Caleb Moore, York. Peter Lusty, Lyndon. Uezekiah Brinkernoff, Ypsilanti. Benjamin C. Boyco, Lyndon. liishop M. Cravath, Lima. 0. C. Sweetland, Lodi. "aniel Hiïon, Biidgew't'r John L. Dnvidson, Arm Arbor. Thomas McKeruan, Northfield, John Fijrel. Freedom. William Wesscls, Lyndon. Wfltiam OheeTer, Ann Arbor. Genrge Sntton, Northfield. Daniel Hiscock, Ann Arbor. Josenh W. Waite, Ann Arbor. Comstock F. Hill, Scio, William M. Brown, Manchester. inldia Morgan l'itthfield. ■Jhn Cl; r'.i, " Pittffleld. Joseph Donneüy. Ann Arbor. J3T Wiuited immediatcly, by the U.S. Saintary Commissiim, a large quantily of rags for dressing wounds. Let every family try to furtüsh a package, even if it be a small one. Old calicó or printed muslin s useful if it has been tlioroughly boiled. No piece of old cotton or linen three inches square should be tlnown away. The hems and seama shou'd be removed and all pieces neatly washed and ironed. Money cannot buy rags, they must be given. Wanted, also, a large amount of vegetables pickles, and saurkraut. Vínegar too, ia in fjrcat demand. It is said the vinegar furnished by Government is of little use except to make business for denüsts. Tho Soldiers' Aid Society of this city could procure material for'fifty barrels of pickles, if the vinegar could bo furnished. WiU not every one who can spare even ono gallon of vvell made eider vinegar, give it for this object. Dried pumpkin is urgently nsked for. If every family would dry even six pumpkins tliere would soon be a large amount accumulated. The final struggle of this great war seems now in progress, and if each individual in the county leeds a lielping hand, it will basten the day of victory and peace. Supplies of all kinds receiTed at Uie residence of Judge Lawrence. MRS. SLBVL LAWKENCE. Presideiit Soldiers' Aid Society.


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