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Millard Fillmore For Gen. Mcclellan

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From the followiDg correspondenoo it will be seen that cx-PrcsideDt Millard Fillmoro has pronounced in favor of the democratie oaudidato for the Posidcnoy : Bcjfïalo, Sept. 28. F. H. Churchill, Esq: Dkak Siiï - Your favor of the 26th has this moment come to hand, rri whioh you requost my permission to publis;i niy letter to you of the 5th instaut. That letter, likc all lotters of mioe, was iutended to be private ; not becaus-í it coutaiiied any sentiment wbiuh I wished to conceal, but snnply beeause I had a great aversión to appeariog lu the newspapers ; but you scein to think Lts publieation might do good to the coiiser votivo causa - iu whioh I coufuss I í'eel a vury decp interest - aud as I have received similar iuformation from other suureus, I have reluetuntly come to the Conolusiop to alloiv it to ba publislicd The fict is, that I soe no reasouablo prpgpeet of a restoiation of tiiis Union ilie objeo' Dearest my heart - without a chauge of the avowed policy of this ad lijiuiötratiou ; a:d I soü no ■ prospect of o'.iangiti" h ,. ilicy, but by a ehange oí' f' ■ igtration ttsëlf Henee I a'ii to' a rfiange, and Í look upon the election oí G neral MoÖIelIari us th-j last hi ; för th'è ro3torati(in of the UnioD, an Lo.iorable peaoe, and ths adoiirity of pir tijuA !i!je-ty; and tliis you uny publisli t-j the waild as my views on thu pejidijg ( ... JJi I UAl (filter iuto no argujn:tit in mippart of my opiuiou, nor do [ iuletid !ieri; to d'.:pnrt from that ' loncj whioh I laposeupon tnyself frorn au uuwilliugiiesa to muigle, or srcm to ■■, i'i n-Ttr+y T'S ■ í. ;.-;, , (or l il i i, t coiisidiT i;:y-oif us belongiiia to a y [arly, and I teel whuliy iiidinereut to auy party süocoks ;:s su;;h, and aüi oiAy uu'sious fur tbc hiKior and welfare of my bolovcd, but Llccdiiig suScriag country, I am, llgreat haslo, tru!y yours, M1LLARU FlLLilüRE.


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