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The Autumn Leaves

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What are you doing with Ibera ? Do you let the wind blow thcm hither and thither? Do you not kuow they are wcll worth gatlierinr, saving and usiug ? Tn day, during a rdn we saw Germán womcn. raking them up by the road side and baga willi tliem. A wagon stoüd iiuar, und they wertj to be takiiu to thu 8ubiirb:in gardÓQ to help urike e;irly nd criap vegetables for city f'olks. The Germana are systomatic economista. They know tint these leaves contaiu inorg;mio matter necesaary to planta - that it eau not be eot ao easily and abutidantly in any other fortn - that for oom post, little for hog -pens, horse atables, uheop sheds, etc , there is notuing better - thüt for use in In t beds in spring, they are worth ten times the puft of gather ing. And yct there are uiany larmers who will pay a great deal inore for a foreign fertilizer whieh will not yield thein so lunch real profit as the leaves thnt cover the gromid,. and whieli uiay be had lor thu gal-hertng, -G.tther, store, and use tho Antumn leavea.


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