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1864. 1864. LLNTEW FALL COODS! AT FtEDUCED PRICES. C. H. MILLEN Ia now openlDg a NEW STOCK ut Domwtic and mm DRY (iOODS! FAMILY GROCERIES, buugia riinut tfco reeHt dröUna In ÜOUU, mkS binj kíadü at uiidrM # Deduction from FormerPrices! Plome uil e&rly and mak your purcliaies whll tbe atlock is comuUl. " C.H.MII.I.KN. Aun Arbor,Sept.IM. 978 CARl'KTH, Oil Ulothi od Bous Funmhtaï G#oüs; a rood stock at 870 U. U. MIU.EN'S. 'TX THK I.ADIK3 - A itook o! elagant Dry OjoiI, l 8kawUaudClnitk,rur th fall traa, now opan ingat 976 .'. . MlU.KN'.i. TO THK OKKTLKUEN.- A Boe tock uf Clolh?, Ci-Muiírtí, nd Uut' FurotihlDg Goodii, jut ri:etved at 970 C. H MII.LKN'S. THE NEW STORE! FALL & WINTER r STTLE8! HATS, CAPS Al PURS, i M.V) LADIES' MISSES' & CHILDREN'S flATS, Umbrellas, Parasol, Canes, For Cash ! tam Jll, R.ptft.t.r, 11(4. The snbneribr haf juit opKd aa ntire Nw aiiA Dirabl# stok In Ihe ábre line, ai tb tor formr j oecupifd bj A. P. KIIX3 ft CO., Htm 8titi, and rpotfullj inritfi tb attfnticn of the Oitiwn f Aiir AnliOR ad TifïMTT In hÏH iirrk, w)jfn making their Fall and Winter Ftteetions fn thlH 1[n. H_t ïonff txpnl&lf in th btiitnORt and tüj rpitidencln New Yoik, enablfs mO t make xnj ielfctionfl diratt from the MANUFACTCKERS, and to five tifetle both in STVLI3 AND PBICK". My xtock ihallalwtiji eostain th I.ATRST ANTB MOST DRSIKADI.K STYLE OF OOODS, diiíctfrom New York. Cali and examin before makiDg yonr purchftiTM - NO ÏROVBLB TO BOW COOT)K. E. L. LAWRENCE. : snre formprly eeopie by A. P. 1III1 ie Co. 1mH7 matrimonial; LA-DIES AND GENTLEMEN ' f vrm wih t.n marrj-, dirp th nnrlf ri{-nM, whf r wiil end }-m without mnnfT and without piicr, trI ' uabl informatica tht wilt cn.-iblc jon tn manj hupp; 1 anrt speedily, irrespfctiv of gc, wialth ir hranti.- Thi information wilt cot jon nothing, and if you wist to marry, I wilt cherfiiJ! assist you. Al] letten ' fetrictly confidential. The dBirt-d Information f nt bi return muil, and no qniíion asked. addres Haraii B. lMMnnTt (reenpolnt, Kiwcru Oo. m979 NEW Y0HK. , ÁTSPLENDID PIANO FORTE ! i For a Moderato Price ! ! VOSES oe' a-nH imiirorAN'O onrp;pe5 nnytliinj now ikde for GREAT DUHABIL1TY Swrprii,ng ricbpeiiB juni brilliancy ot tone, i LEGAN CE OF FINISH! 0 And MOMCRATB PKÍCK. The altention of til, popK' of Ann Arltor s rspectfuily invitod to an ca tniuat;O"U ot tb] btautiful intitriimnr. ' J. HKNItV WlinTKMOHK, .Ag'-nt foMbr St4e, ■J7 JtfferiWii VA-onu# Potroit. ■Mit E. ?. Fontor my aatbo-ired agpnt for m Arbor. Tbo VOüK rTlNO y be seor ut ber rooaii ' iu the Excbange Block. ' áyer's Gathartíc Pilis.


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