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Small And Large Cattle

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Of late yeara, since breedesa begnn to calcúlala with mort; precisie, .small or inoderate-sizrd aniiMHlsjgbuve been gener:dly preferred ior the following reasonn : 1. Smal!--zed animáis aro more eusiy kept, tlx-y thriveou Hhorter herbage, tliey oollpal t'ood vvlu:re a. lurger aiiiijin] éould hiircjiy osist, and huiioe ar . more proöti'iic; ihd meat is finer grained, ! "i i supurior ilitvor, und 3 co.iimonly i.iurc uiceíy murbled, or veinüd wit I , espi-oiuily whüa thoy have h en led fi r uvo yeaí?. . jarge sized cattle aro not so well :!;itej for tfeuoial consumption as naediiyn or moderate sized onee, pirticuiaily in hot wuather ; the forser !tni:n::! puaob [)ustnre mora than small onos ; ihey aro not so active, require mf)B8 rust, oolloct tlieir f'ood vvith more labor, and wiil only eontume thu niccr and inoro delicate sorts of' plants. 8. Saull eow8 of tho tnie dairy brvedi mve more uu-ik prcipavtionately tiinn largor ones„ 4. Otilo ol iflSíill si. 'F.ny be fiitteni' 1 mKly on grass of veil moderate (_j;iality, whcccas tlm large reqniro the liúhgat j.:-:t,ijro or to be stall-led, the ol which eshuust tho proüt of I the farmer ; it is much easier to proeure wtll s!i,ip;d and kindly feeding i sti-ck ol asiii I i,e llrm u largo one. 5. Small-sized cattlc may bo ktspt by many persons wlio caunoC afliird eilher to puicíiaso or lo maintsiiii large ones and by vvhoin the loss, f aoy accident should happea to them, can be more easily borne. 6. The fmall-üized beasts sell better, for a butcher - from a conviction thal in proportion to their recpeotive dimensiona, there is greater superfices ol valtiable parts, in general, in a smal tban a large auimal - will give more lor two oxen of 150 pounds per qoarter,


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