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Death Of Prof. Silliman, Jr.

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The death of Prof. B. Silliman, which occurred at New Haven, Ct., on the 24th i nat, has already been announccd by telegnipb. Mr. Silliinan was the son of Geu. Gou!(i Scücck Silliman,. who rcndered his country important service during the revolutionary war. He graduated at Y ale iu 1798, afterwards stud'iod law, fmd was udmitted to the bar in '1802. He afterwards accepted the chair of chemiatry in Ya'e College, and visited Europe tcprosecute his studies in a sci-' once whieh at that time alinost unknown in America. Ho returned after au absence of fourteen months, and published an iuteresting account of his travels. In 1818 Trof. Silliman founded the "American Journal of Science and Arts," better known in Europo and America as "Silliman's Journal' of whieh he remaincd senior edito"r nutil 1846. He was one of the earliest Americana to give popu'arlectures on scientiüc subjects In 1803 he visited Europe a secoud timo. He resigned his Professorsbip in 1853, but continued to give Ico tures two years longer. He was a man of simple tastes and active habits, and his oíd age was remarkably free froni mental or bodily intírmity, and to the very last he took a deep interest in the progrese of scienoe, humanity and frec-' dom all over the world. . At the time of his dcath, lie was 85 years of age.