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Sherman's Orders For His March

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SPECIAL 1IKLD OIÍDKR- NO ll'O. Hdqrs. MaiïAKT Div. of the Miss., ) In the Field, Kingston, Ga. Nov 8. I. For the purpose of military operation, tiiis ainiy is divided into two wings, viz: the right wing, Major-General O. C. iloward commanding, the Filteontb and Seventeenth corps; the left wing, Müjor-General II. W. Sloram couimandiug, tho Fuurteonlh and Twuntietb CQTpi. II. The habitual order of maroh will be, whenever nraeticablo, bv four roads, as nearly parallel as possibíe, and con verging at poiuts lioroafter to be indi oatod in orders. The cavulry, Brigadier-General Kilpatiick commanding, will receive npeoial orders from the eoinmauder-iü-clii.'f. III. The re will bö no ger eral trains o! eupplies, hut each corps will have ils amimiiiitiun aud pro, isio-i train, di-tiibuted habitnaüy as follows : Behind uach reginieut should follovy oi)e wagon and one aifibukncie ; bohind each brigade should follovv a duo propor.ion of ammunition wagons, provisión wugons and ambulances. In case of dsnger, eaih army corps shoiild cbange this order of march by baving his advanc; and rear brigado unencumbared by wheels. The separate columns will start habi'.ually at seven a. m., and make about fifteen miles per dar, uoless otherwise fixed iu orders. IV. Tne army will forage libernlly on the country during the march. To this end, each brigade eoromandcr will organizo a good aod sufiwient forsiging party, under the commund of one or more discreet officers, who will gatlier near the route traveled, corn, or forage of any kind, meat of any kiod, vegeta bles, corn meal, or whatevor s needed by tbe command ,- aiining at all time to keep in the wagon traína at least ten riuys' provisions for the comtuand, and three days' forage. Soldiers must not enter the dwclling of the inhabitants, or commit any trespass; duriog the halt or at camp they may be permitted to gather tarnipf, potatoes and othor vegetables, and drivo in stock in front of thíñr cpmps. To r;gulnr foraging partiès nmst bu intrúated tho gather;ng of provisions and forage at any distanca from the road traveled. V. 'te army commanderais intruted the power to destroy milis, brtusee, cotton gins, &i;., and for thoin thia genor;jl principia is laid down : In district and neighborhooda where the army is unmolested, no deitruetioa of miiib propertjr ehould be permitted ; trut should guerrillas or büshwhackars mo lest O'.ir inureh, or shotrld the inhabitants buin bridge, obstruct ruads, or otborwiae manilest local hostilitv, tbap army corps cornmaRders should xmlur und enforco & devustation mrTe or less relentless acoordiug to tbe rneasure ot suoh hostiüty. VI. As for horses. miiles, wagons, &c , belongifg to the irihal)itantH, tlie oüvalry ind artillery may appropriate freely urid without lmit ; djWciiub ing, howavor, between the ricl who re usually liostile, and the poor or in d ■is'rious, uwualfy neutral or friendly Foragiug partii-a may also take mu!es or horses to replace thj jjidi.'d animáis, of their traius, or to serve as p;:ek mulea for the regiTients or brigaiue. In a foraging, of whatever kind, tho partit-ï B(igi:ged will ref'rain from abusive or threateninc; lanáuaga, and mav, when tlia officer in conirnand tuinks proper, give wntten certifiuates of tbe fWs, but no receipts ; and they tfH endeavor lo leave with each fumily a reasonable portion for their maiutenance VII. NVgroe who are able-b niied, and can be of service to the several 10'unins, may be taken nio.ig ; but eacb army cominander vviü boar in rriiud tbat tlie q.uestion of siipplieíis a very impoitaat one, and lluit (is tíiet duty is to set; to thoae who bear arrns.. ' VIII. Tbe orgaüiz ition at once of a good pioneer battahon fur eauli corps, composed, if possiblo, of negroea, shonld be attendecl to. This buüalion shunld fullow tbe ndv'inoe tuurd, hould repair rouds and doublé ,them if possHiK:, eo that tbe ooluians will not bodeiuyed altor reaobing bad places. Also, army comiuanders should study the babit ( giving tbe artillory and wagons tbe ro;id, and marchina; their trwops on one side ; and also instruct their troops to assist wagon at stoep bilis or bad crossings of Htreams. IX. Captain O. M. Poo, chief engiríeer, wlll asnign to eac'i wi.ig of tbe army a ponton train, lully equipped and organized, and the comtnaDders thereof will see to iia being properly proteutod at all times, liy order of Major. Gen. W. T. Shbrman. L. M IJaylon, Aidde Camp.


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