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Poetry: June

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I gnzed upori thy glorious sky, Aiul the green immn'ains round, And thmight thoj when I carne to lie Withi.n tlie t-üent gromid, 'Twere pleasant tliut n ílowery June, Wlicn brooks sei)t up :i clieeiful tune, And groves n joyous souud, The 6ex!oivs liand, iny gr:ive to makc, The rich green mo'intain uufehould bréale. A cell wi'liin the frezen moimd, A f oran borne through eireet, And icy plondá uhove t rolled, Wlnle fierce ii;e tempes! beat- - Aun! I will ) l hiñk oflhcse- Ulufi be llie e'ky aml 6oft tlie bict-zo, Enth gri-cn bencu;li tl e íeet, And the rtámg i'nbtínd grently preseed In'o my nirrow ï.ice of rest. Tlicrc, t-noitjrf the íatig, long sununer honrs-, The :olden íigbt sljoald lie, Aud thick y'ptfng herbs udiÍ gronp-s of flow era Síond irí théirbenuty byj Thé vu 1": slionld buüd ond lili The lfive tule ciorc liefde my cell; The kilo htmerfty Shonld rest h'nn there, am) there be heard Tiie houiewife bee anu hum-ningbird. And v;h!át, irrlieerfurslioiits, ot noon', Come Trom the villnge sent. f)r tonLs of muid'í, benoath tiie uhx.m, Wiíh lairy laujhter bliMit. And what, if in #the eveninp lih, l]ptr.-t!)od lovers will in sight Oiniylow niomimeiii - J would tlie lovely .-cene u round Miglil kr.ow no radder t-ight nor eonnd. 1 knojv, I know I tjhould nol see' Tiie scn6Oñ's {ríüiiows hovv, Nor would its briortlmess uhine for me, Nor ts wiiil tmisic flow. But if nroiii'd tnt place of nleep, The friends I 'ove bliould come to weep, They inigtit noí liaste to go; Sofi airs, and songs, nnd liglt, nnd bloom, Should keep iheni lingering by my tomb. These to their sofroned Iiearts shonld' bear The thonght of what ha6 been, And 6peal( of oie who carne to shars The gladness of the scène; Whose part n all the pomp that filis The circuit of the snmmer hitte', s - thnt liis grave 6 green; And deeply would their hearts rejoice' To liear again nis living voice.