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Capture Of Savannah

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War Departmont, Washington, ) Deo, 25-7 P. M. To Major-Qeneral Dix : A dispatch has boen read this evehftvg f rom the President from General Hherman. It is dated Savannah, ïhursday, Deo 22, and announces his oceupatiün of the city of Suvaunah, and the capture of 150 guns, plen'y of arnniunitiou, and about 25,000 bales of cottun. No other parüculars are given. An official dispatch frnm General Foster to General Graut, dated 22d, 7 P. M., states tbat the city of Savannah was occupied by General Sherman on the moruiug of the 21st, and the preceding afternoon and üight, Hardee retreated with the main body of his infantry and light artillery, blowiug up the iron clads and the uavy yard. He enumerates as caplured, 150 guns, 13 tocouiotives in good order, 190 cars, a large lot of amtnunition and Materials of war, three eteamers uud 83,000 bales of cotton. No iiiention is made of the present position of Hardee's force, which had been 15,000. The dispatches of Generáis Sherman and Foster are aa füllows : Savannah, Ga., Dec. 22. To his Excellency, President Liucolr. : I beg to present you as a Christmas gift the city of Síivannah, with 150 heavy guns, and plenty ef heavy ammuuition, and also about 25,000 bales of cotton. W. T. Sukrma.n, Maj. Gen, Bteanaer Golden Gate, Savannah ) Iiiver, Duo. 22-7 P. M. , Lioit. Gen. Graril and Maj. Gm. Halleck : I haVe the honor to report that I have just returned froin Gen. Shcrman's head quartcra iu Öavannah, I 6end Major Gray of niy staif. The city ot Savannah was occupied on the moriiing of the 21st. Gen. Hardee anticipa'ing the eontemplatd aesault, esoaped vith tho maiu body of his inlan try ar,d light artillery on the moruing of the 20th, by crosoing the river to the ünion causcway opposite the city. The rebel iron olads were blown up, and the navy yard was burned. AU tho rest of the city is intact, aud containa 20,000 citizens. quiet and well disposed. The capture includes 800 prisoners, 150 guns, 18 locomotives iu good ordsr, 190 cars, a large supply of ammunition and materials of war, three steamerB, and 33,000 bales eotton, safely stored in warehouses. All these are the valuable fruits of ttn almost bloodless victory, and have been, like Atlanta, fairly won. 1 oponed couimuuicatiou with the city with iny steamers today, taking up what torpedoe8 wo could aee, und passing safely over the others. Arrangements are made to cloar tho channel of all obstruotions.


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