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AME8' TELECIRAPHIC INSTITUTE -ANDÏATitó BISIMSS COLLEGB ! SYRACUSE, ffW VORK. TUIS IS A Practical Business College ! C0MU1N1XG TltEOHY 4ND PRACT1CE With Basiks of Issue, Containing a espita] of TlieeMUlioiis in Bank jofes With Ea.Jno, Oflices futnlEhd mi& u th, „ ' goncr.-Uly se, ii, klu-l. „„ ,,, „El"k' ceipts.Due Bill, Orfleri, Check, J' Themearesoemph.yedby the ►tndect', (0 ' .-., . to actual Business uperatiou. The sludon! n l'" comea Ihe tal Merehant und Book kon'" i","" act a Jcientiflcally a f taglgei in gen i„i ,"' V'"the buKfao, pertá wl.Mcsule a„d ro aÍV'" cers, Commusion, Jobbing, Shimiinz Mirin i, ciSfto?' I!anking' &. L: F H O i O G R A 1 H Y i taught by JOHN B. IIOLMBS, A. tí a gradúate o' Graham'. Pbonographic Academr' N T Urge classes alway in attcndanco in th pñ ' pondingandReporlingstyles. Cori"' THE TELEGRAPHIC INSTITUTE, ig under the management of nin. oTis e. wooo, formorPupcrintPmlent of tlie New Yurk Alb. Buff.lo Tetegrapbio Campan. Une, an'dJ "d titute in tLo worli ivbfre the tluory and „ ,' In' telegraphlng can be lW„„ghl, ZZl n!' instrumenti are OW in oporition, and oWonJh , OOQ ES, 1'iesW.nt, "WJSJ Pjrraome, Kw Ywj, The Best Paper for the Times! MOORE'S RURAL 1W--I0MI, THE LEADING AND MOST POPULAR AGRICULTURA!, LITERAEY AND Faiisily in Ainerica, F..VTIRÍ .upon it, XVrth Year and V„]Ume n JMMr, It has for jears been recoguized M the st eunbirii AumCULTlRiL, HOÏUCXLTUEAL, LlTf:n,lRï „ r„,,, Wkïklv ou the Continent, and the ,nd( „" d.ucf,ili,PJ'll'ri'arsolve'i ihat UwVolmitfcriSI haOfullj iul,ii not exeel)oitLeroLUip6inM,m " Cf;:TS' SlYI1! ÏQ'J "is. ünfcrth. bd AGRIOULTUKaL, itnill cnE'a n a Rivat varicty of I'ructicni indSciti nfic lntormatinn ou the Tarionn branche ufKanj Burtamlrj, mcluding tbe vieivs and expérielren'J hnndredaot bleContribatoi-s anj O r'Osponienli t port of Status and Coonty ïairs, Pwu.,,.,,,,, fa ' B will aUo embrace a dbtinct Department derotajto SHEEP HUSBANDRY, Con.luctod by the Hon. Ub:et g. RaKDjLl, LI II aulhor of The Practica', theuheid," and otlurni.' uable -orks. Dr. R. is cciuceiied to betucbts. tharity ou ihe subject in the country, and bla depnmenti aione worth tbe prico of tbe pnper toanyoM engugud in tt'ool Urowing si Sheep Brred'inj. HORT1CÜLTURAL. In this Deputmttit the will present tlien. peneuceand obseivation of the bt HoTticulturiüili America, inciudlng thoe of P. Babbï, Esq .author o( ''The Fruit Gardeu," n'id foimer Hditorol the Mor ticuUurisi, vrho isa special cimtrilmtor. ïveryun.iüterested in the culture of iriiiln aad FjoHcra UlSnl theKCBAL iudiwensabie. The Ladien wiil lind in toe I)OMtf.ric ECOXOÜT duparl ment uBuful Kneipe, with pmctical directioni Low ts marntge difiiuult matton pertainicg to IlunsekMüii and Domcnic Affnirs. OTHEU IMPORTANT FEATUBES! Aid from thu aboye important Prartital Depart ments, tbe 8oil embracsü othara of great intnulti faroilioè iu both Town 'and Countiy. Pur inftancc, It hs diatinot r'epikriluellth uu er the iieadingsof UW -Miscei.i.axy, Lawss' Dbpahtment, Sjhiuth ifriHGi, Riiiití n)R rug YorNG The tomy Tülik, (fratc:D choice Talos ..uu Mictchca both original and reltctalÖ - itnd a often a once in tw 1 weeks such yalnaWtind intoreaticg matteis a. iDUCaio.Ml., ü cl j.vd toa TIFlf, Wi LrrRTl1t, -ATU8AI. H18TOHI ÍC , kt., whilethe NW8 Ospjïtmbnt, MiUKirrs, c rnabl; andcarefullyconducled- embracingu Wteklj inmmaij of the Litust War New, and Reports el the principal Gram, Prurision, Cftle, Wool and Fruit Markeli. L" Xext to your local paper the Rrjul Nmf-YowEK is the one fo.r jour raoney, - butas w baTeno tTa7eling agents, remit direct or form or join a club. FOflM,STYLE AND TERMS. Tnï KrKir. New Yokkïh comprise EiODT Donu Qi-jhto IiGE, (40 columns,) aud is publiahed fTiáí), iu Superior Sti le- Gooit Paper, Clear Type, llluitrations, &c. An indtíx, Tille Page, &c, at the loof each Volume, complete for binding. Tïrms is Advanck - Only 3 a year. To Clubi ui Agenta - Five C6pï8 for $ü ; Feven Copiei, andOD free to Club Agent, for $19 ; Ten Copies, (an'! on tt to agent,) for $25; and auy numtter of copie-i or Ten at ame rate- only i'-'.'öO per copy. Afreecnpj forovery Ten Subscribe-, f agent doen not complei for Preruium. Qreat Inductmtnts for fr.ming CT, it.tluding (JNKTnorsAND Doiiíks Ik Cjsu 1'kizk! ËSf Xow is ras Time to Scbscwbi a.vp ronCtrPl. RpeciioBU Numbers, Show Bills, lnducements,&c, md' f lee on applioatiou. Address D. n.T MOORE, Bocbester,N.T. ARE YOU INSUReF? IF NOT, CALL OK O. H. MILLEN, Agent for the following first daas Companiw: Home Insurance of New York, Cash Capital oyer f3,500,000. CONTINENTAL IN31ÍRANCEC0. OP NÏW YÜRK. Ctpital oyer $1,500,000. In CoTnpanjr tht I' sured particípate in the profits. OIT-5T FIBE IKTS-, CO-, OF HARTFORD. - Capital over Three Hundred Thousand Dolltrf0. H. MILLEN, 98tf Main etreet, Ann Arbor. NEW MÜSIC STORE! FerFons vriaihijtg to bïiy. Pianos or Melcdeonf, should go to WILEV'3 ■ MU.-JO STOBKr tfettf' chaHiag ela)!t'hcre. He will' warrant sti.!artio" ' purchasera.and tikts pleaTitre in referrinir to tö vho have alrradv purchatod oí him. lle talt" P'"' 11 saying that 'he lias givan the best of slil. „ thus far, and ntends so 10 (V in all cases. n-T S,j, wil! be furnished tluit ]tirriiaser ïuay reqnirfwishes it to be distinctly undei-KtO()d thht lie ' n by any dealer Kast or West.. N. B.- The atest SHEET MUSIC for '■. pl STOOLÍ, &c. alvin wixsin. Ann Arbr. Pee. 2Tt!i, 1S64. WM HÖUDAY COODS' A large stock. DjjFOREST & STEWATlT'Ö.


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