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A Vigilant Police

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Our friend the locnl of tbc Free Pri-n is respe msible for the following : " Somë persons have oxpressed a doubt as tó the practical efficiency of a volunteer pólice forcé like thttt which at presoüt patrols the ty, wliile its inhabitauts recline ia the embrace of Morpheus. These aro probably Üio samn persons who djubted the bravery and eudurance of a volunteer soldiery Both questions nro now set ut rest - the bravery of the soldiery by the record of four years of war, ud tlio efficiancy of the polioo bj an event whiuh transpirad a few nights sitice. A juad of voluutcer polioemeu were going thuir rouuda late at uight, wheu their attention as attracted t.o the singular movements of aa individual iti the vicinity. He moved upon a gentle trofc, and carriod ia his hand aa "strumeat which is described as beiug about five feet in length over all. It was composed of two horizontal strips of wood of equal langth, connected together by five wooden rods, at equal distauces from each other. He was observed to carry something on hia shoulder whilo ruiming. Whon he reached a Street lamp, he planted his instrument securoly, mounted it and extinguished the gas. His movementa were closely watched for sorue time, until the suspicioDS of the policemen were thoroughly aroused as to his diabolical iutentions. They promptly arrested him and lodged him ia jail, although hö persistently declared his inuocence. The nest morning one of the directora of the gas company made his appearanoe to procure the release of the prisoner. Tho truth dawned upon themiud of the vigilaot watchmen. Their ooly arrest that night was of our innocent lamp lighter going his rounds to turu off the ga in tho streot laiaps."


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