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DYbPEPSIA, DIííEASEX RES UI.TING KROM DISORDEIÍS OF THE ÏJVEB AND DIGESTIVB ORGANS, ABE Cl'BKD BY HOOFLAND'S mmm bitters, THE GREAT STRENG THENING Tlirsr Bitters have performcil more Cures HAVE AND DO GIVEBETTER SATISFACTION FlnT-e more ! il AVE MORE RESPECTARLE PEOPLE TO VOUCII FOR THEJ1! Thau any otlier article iu the market. Wc (lefy any one to contraiiict tliis Assertion, AIVU WILL PAÏ 81OOO Toany one who wil! produce a Gortlflèste publKhed by uk, tliat ih jiot c.K.vuiMi. HOOFLAND'S GEH11AN BITTERS WILD CURE IN KVKRY CASE OF Chronic 01 Nervous Debiiity, Dïseases of the Kidneys, and Dïseases arisxug hom disordeied Stomach. Observe tht folhnring symptoms re.suhing from Disorder of the Digeetive Organs Oonstipation, Inward Tiles, Fuflnoss of Blood to tlie bead, tle títoin.ich, Nausea, Heartburn, Disgust ÍM Toofl, Fultncss or weight in the Stomach Sour Eriict.itions,Sinking or flutttnng at tbe pit üf the Stoinach, Swimming of the Head, HurHímI finJ liiïicu]t breathing, Fluttering at the Heart , C'lioking or Suifocating Seusations wlien in a Lying Posture, Dimness of Vuiea, Dots or Webs bef ore the SIght, Fe ver and Dull Pain in tlie Heal, Defuliencv of Trespiration, Yellowness of the .Skin and Eyes, pain in tliesi.Ie, baokjchestjlimbs, &c.,Sudden flushes of Hettt, Burnia-r in the Flesh, Constani Imagiuings of Evil and Great Depression of Spirits, THAT THIS BITTERSIS NOT AL1OHOLI0, CONTAINS Nü RUM OR WHISKEY, AND CANT MAKE DRÜNKARDS, BUT In the World. 1 READ WHO SAYSS SO : Fromthe Rev. Levi G. Beek, Pastor of the Baptist Church, I'emberton, N. J. for .nerlv of the North Baptist Cnurch, Fhiladelphia. I have known Hoofland' Germán Bitters favorabiy for a Dumber oi years. 1 have used them in my owo fainily.snd have been so pleased witli their eltect that I ms inducedto recoinmend them tu tnany others and know that they bave opera teil in a stnkingly beneücial manner. I take great pleasuro in thus pubUcly proclaimiug this fact, and calling the attention of those alHicted witli the diseases l'or which they are recomir.ouded,to these bitters, knowing (rom experieuce that myrecommendationwil) besustained. Ido thia more chceifully as HooUand's Bitters is intended to beneiil tliealUicted.andis -'nota rum drink." Yours truly, LEVI G. BECK. From Rev. J. Newton Brown, I). D. Editorof theEneyclopeóïa of Religión Knowledge and l;hristi.n Chroniclor Philftdelphia. Hliough notdisposed to favor orrecommencl Patent Medicines in general, through distrust of thelr inre dientsaadeffects.Iyet know of no suffleient resons why : man maynot testify to tbe beneflts lie believes himselfto have received from any simple preparation in thf hope that he may thus contribute to the benelit of otherp. I dothismorereadilyin regard to Hoofland' German Bitter, prepared by Ur. C. M. Jackson of this city, because I was prejudiecd against tliem for manv year.s, underthe impression tha; they were chieflv an alchohohc mixture. I am indebted to my friênd 'Rob ert Shoemaker, Esq., for the removal of this prejudice by proper tests, and for encouiagemeat to try them when sufïering from great and long continued dèbilitv The use of throe bottles oí these bitters at the beffin' ning of the present year, was lollowed by evident reliel and restoration te a degree of bodlly and mental vigor which I had not for six months before, and had almost despaired of regaining. I therefore thank God and mv friend for directing rae to the use of them J. NEWTON' BROWN.Phila. From the Rev. Jos. H. Kennard, Pastor of the lOthBan tist Church. r Dr. Jackson :- Dear Sir:- I have been frecjuently requested to connect my name with eommendations c,f diBerent kinds of medicines, but regarding the piactice as outof myappropriatesphere, I have in all casef declined; but with a clearproof in various instances and particularly in my family,of the usefnllness of Dr HooSand'a Germán Bitters, I depart for once from my usual course, to oxpress my ful] conviction that for general debility of tbe system and especialiy for Livt-r CompTainc, it is a ss.fe and valuable preparation ín some cases it may lail; but usually, I donst wlll be very benefleial to those who suffer from the above cause. Yours,very respectfully, J. H. KENNARn, Eighth below Coates Street, Phiia. From Rev. Warren Randolph, Pastor of the Baptist Church, Grmantown, Penn. Dr. C. M. JacRson :- Dear Sir :- Personal experience enables me to say that I regard the Germán Bitler prepared by you as amostexcel ent medicine. In caso of severe cold and generaldebility I have been greatly benefited by the use of the Bitters, and doubt not thej wül produce similar ellects on others. Tours, truly, WAKKEN RANDOLPH. Getmantown, Pa From Rev. J. H. Turner, Pastor of Heddinc M E Church, Phila. Dr. Jackson r - Dear Sir .- Having used your Germán Bittersin my family frequently, I am prepared to say that it has been of great service; I believe that in most cases cf general dehility of the system it is the safest and most valuable remedy of which I have any knowiedge. Yours,respectfully, .T. H. TURNER, No. 726 N. Nineteenth Street. From the Rev .J.M. Lyons , formerly Pastor of the Columbus, (N. J.)andMillatown, (Pa.) Baptist Churches NewRochelle, N. Y. Dr. C.M. Jackson :- Dear Sir :- I feit it a pleasure thns.uf my oivnaccord to bear testimony to the excellence of the Germán Bitters. Some years sincebeing much afflicted with Dyspepsia,I used them with very beneficialresults. Ihave often recommended them to persons enfeebled by that tormenting disease and have heard from them the most flattering testimoniáis as to their great value. In case of general debility, 1 believe itto be atonic that can not besurpassed J.M. LYONS. FromtheRev. Thos. Winter, Pastor of Roxborough Baptist Church. B Dr. Jackson ■- DearSir: -Ifeel itdueto your excellent preparation, Hoofland's Germán Bitters, toadd my testimony to the deserved reputation it has obtained. I have foryears, at times, been troubled with great disorder in my head and nervous system. I was advised by a friend to try a bottlc of your Germán Bitters. I did so and have experienced great and unexpected re lief; my health has been very materially beneStted. I conftdently recommend the article where I meet with cases similar to my own, and have been assured by many of their good cfiects. Respectfullyyours, T. WINTER, Roxborough Pa. FromRev.J. S. Herman, of the Germán Reformed Church, Kutztown, Berks Co. Pa. Dr. C. M. Jackson :- Respected Sir .-I have been troubled with Dyspepsfa nearly twenty years, and have never used any medicine that die me us much good af Hoofland's Bitters. I am very much improved in healtb after ha ving taken five bottles. Yours.with respect, J. S. HERMAN. PEICES. Large Size, (holding nearly doublé quantity ,) 1 00 per bottle- half don. $5 00. Small Size- "5 cents per Bottle- half dozen %i 00, BEWARE OF COUNTERFEITS. See thut the sijjnature of " C.M. JACKSON" is ob the WRAPPER .-f each bottle. ïlioulil your nearest Druggist not hare th artwle, do not be put off by otoxicíiting prparations that may be olTere.lin lts place, but send to us,and we wiUforward, securly packed, by express. Principal Office and Manufactory, NO 6 31 ARC H STEE ET PHILADELPHIA. Tonos & Evans. Successors to C. M. Jackson Sf Go, PROPHIETOR8. ?mmm syssüp, i SEAWEED TONIC, A.ND MANDRAKE PILLS. The ibo' e is a correct liki'nes.s of Dr. Schonck, ju- t Hftcr recOTöTBg froin Consumption. m.'inj1 3'ears ago lïelow s a Hkejieii.s of liiin as he nowiipiears. Wlien the Örst was taktn be weiglied 107 pounds ■ at the prepeüt time his weight ís "220 pounds. f BP g Km DR. SCHENCK'S Principal Office and Laboratory is at the N. E. corner of SIXTtf and COM11EKCE Streets, Philadelpliia where all letters for advice or business should be ili rected. He wilt be found there every SATTJRDAY, professioiially to examine lungs with the Respirometer, for which his fee is tbree dollars ; all advice free. In New York at No. 32 BOND Street, erery TULS DAY, from9 A. M. to 3 P. M. At the MARLBüRÜ' HOTEL, Boston, January 18 and 19, February 15 and 16, Maich 15 and 16, April 19 and 20,'May 17 and 18, June 14 and 15, July 19 and 20. The time for my being in BALTÍA1OKE and PITTSBURli, will be sten in the daily piers of those cities. The Uislory of Dr. Schenck's own Case, and how he was curcd of Consumption. Many years agn, whilst residing ia Philadelpliia, I had progvessed graduaUy into the last stage of Pul monary Con.sumptiun All hopes of uiy recuvery be ing dissipated. I wag advised by my physician, Dr. Parrish, to remove into the country. Aloorestown, New Jersey, being my aative place, i was removed thither. My father and all hls family hart lived and died tliere - and died ot' Pulmonary L'onsumption. On my arrival I was put to 1 ed, where I lay for many wceU-s in What wasdeeme'l a lnpeles comlition. ír. Thorntun. who had be-n ray father' family pbysiciau, au had attended him in his last illneaa, was called to see me. He thought my case eatirely beyond thereachof medicine, and decided that I must die, and gave me one week to arrange mv temporal affaire. In ;his apparputly hope less condition, i heard .f the remedies which I now make iuid Bell. It aeeraed 'u me Lhat J could feel them working their way, and peuetratiBg every nerve, fibre, and tissue of my systtm . My lungs and Hvor put on i new action, and the mor bid matter which for yeur.s bad accurnulated and initated the different organs of the body, was eliminnied, the tubercles on my langs ripened, and I expectorated from my lungs aa'much aa a pmt of yellow oilennve matter every morning. As expActoraUon of mttt-r -iu'isided, the feverabated, the pain leftme.the cough ceased to harass me, and the exhausting nightsweafcs wi-re no looger known, m. D'i I had re' i't'shing Bleep, to whiuh I hnd long been a stranger. My appetite now beg n to return, and ut times I fmnd il diificult to réêtcain myself from eating too much ; with tuis rèturu oí' health, I gained in strengtli, aud now ain ilpshy. l bid now a healthy man, with a large hcalc'. ciofttrix In the middle lobe of the riglit lung and the lower lobe Lepatized with complete adhesión öf the pleura. The left lung i.s sound, ami the upperlobeof theright oneis in atolerably ïie'ilthy condition. Consumption at that time was thought to bean incurable diaease, by every oud, phyicians aswellas those who wcre unleainedin medicine- espedallysuch caae. as were reduced tothc condition I was in. This induced many peoplcto hoÜsve my reoovery only temporary. I now prepared and gave the medicines to consumitive.s f(ir sonie time, and made many wonderful cures; and the flemanu increased so rapidly that Í dL-teiiiined to offer thom to the public, and devote my undivided attention to lung diaeases. In truth,Iwas next to foreed to it, for people would seud for me fur and near, to ascertain whether their cases werelike mine. For many years, in conjuncfion with my principal office in Phitadelphia, Ihave been making regular professional visita to New York, Boston, Iialtimore, and Fittsburg. For several years past I have made as many as üve hundred examination weekly with the ' 'Respirometer. ' ' For sueh examina tion my charge U three dollars, and it cnablea me to give each pationt the true condition of his disease, and teil him frankly whether he wlU get well. The great reason why physicians do not cure Consumption is, that they try to do too much ; they glve mei tcines to stop the cough,to stop the n ght sweats, hectie fever, and by so doing they derange the whole digestí v e .system, looking up the secretiout, and eventually the patiënt dies. Thé Pulmón ie Syrup is one of the most valuable medicines known. It is nutriënt, poworfully t.onic, a.nd healinE in itself. It containa no opium, yet loosens the phíegm in the bronchial tubes, and nature throws it off with Httle exertion. One bottle frequently cures an ordinnry cold; but ie will be well firstto take a dose of Schenck's Mandrake's Pilis to cleanse the stomach. The Pulmonic Syrup is readily digested afid abaorbed into blood, to which itiinparts its healing properties - Itirf one of the best preparations of ironin use ; it is a powerful tonic of itself; an'l when the SeaweeilTonic diKsol:esthe muens in the stomach, and is carried off by the aid of the Mandrake Pilis, a healthy (luw of gastricjuice, gool !ippetite,and a good digestión foliow. The Seawced Tonic is a stimulant, and noneotheria required when it is nsed. It U pure and pleasant; no bad erïeots like when using Bourbon whisky, wliich disorders the stomach, torpor-; the Hver, locks up all the secretions, turns the blood into water, dropsy sets in, and the patiënt dies BuadflOlJ. Bourbon whisky ld recommended now-a days by almost every physici;in, Many patients that vinit my rcotnF, both malt and feroaie are stupefied with this poison. The relief is temporary. If they cough they take a HUle whil-y ; if they feel freak and feeble they tíike a littïe whiafcy ; if they cannot sletp, they take a little whisky ; and tliey go on in this way, requlring more andmore until they are bloated up. and imagine they are gettiiig lltühy. Tho stomach, liver, and digestivL- powers are completelv destroyed,and lose their appetite fur food. No one waa t-vercured of consumption by this process, wht;ie cavities hove been formed Ín the Fungs A little stimulant is frequently beneficial to codsumptïyes, such as pure brandy or good vines ; in manv cases London porter or brown stout in moderate' quaniilie.s ; but Bourbon whisky hastens on nstead ot curing consumption. The Scaweed Tonic produces lasting mates, thoroughly invgorating thestomach and digestivo system, and enabhiifc it to elimínate and n ake into healthy blood the f"od which may b ■ used for thnt purpose - It is so wonderful in its effects thst a wine-glasstull will digest a hearty meal.and a Httle of it taken before breakfast will give a tone to the stomach which few medicines possess the power oí' dciug. The MANDRAKK PILI.S may be taken with entire safety by all (geH and conrlitions, producing all the good resultB that can be obtainedfrom calomeJ, or any of the mercurial medicines, and without any of their hurtful or injunous resulta. They carry out of the syptem the fecülent and worn out matters loosened and dissolvcdby my. Seaweed Tonic and Pulmonic Syrup.- It will be seen that all thrre of my medicines aro need ed in mout canee to cure Consumpt ion. AGENTS, BOSTON- Ccorge C. Goodwin & Co. NEW YORK- Demás Ramea & Co. S. P. Hance. PITTSBÜRG- I'r. Corge H. Keyser. CINCÏNNATÏ - F. E. Suiro & Co., aud Jotn D, Park. CHICAGO -Lord k Smith , and H. Scovil. ST. LOUIS - Oollins Brotheri. SAN FRANCISCO- HoFtettr, ft Pean WM. KNABE & CO'S PIANO FORTES. Read the following1 commendatory letters from distinguished Artists. __ Wm. Knabe & Co.- Gentlemen: f_} After having played on the Piano of Mesura. _ - Knabk k Co. it is impossihle not to beur testifejjna ltlt)ny t0 tMir qualUles which have acquired for , them ihe eminent reputatíon wliich they enjoy. ■MM The Pfaaofl of thílr manufacture, on whieh I have played, are exceedingty remarkable for J their qualities of tone. The Baas is powerful, P without havithDess, and the upper notes sweet, Oclear and hunnoniously mellow, (clirystalin,) and I do not. hesitate to expresa in regard to r theae Instruments my eritire antisfuction, and to declare til at they are equal if not superior to the bedt manufrtcturèd in Euiope or this coun Otry by the mrwt celebratt'd makers. l.t ML. UU' 2 5S illlli. p{ Jnüns Baner &. Co. Chicago - Gentlemen: I cunsider Wllliam Knabe & Co's Pianos n 'he most perfect in use, combining in the , j hijrheat deyree tlie valuitble and esaeQp" tiiil requintes of power, eiiyiness of tone, and A , geiifi;ü accuracy; Ttie Baai possessea great ■MMI compUB and volume, and the hlgher notes a clenrueas and richtte of tone seldom at. tahied in otlver instruments. The toucli or L-jZd action apnears parUdularly agreeable, and in ita proportionate adaptation reflecta great credit gj upon its manufacturera. The introduction of í-i your Pianos in the West has created a new era mm in Musical circlea, and will douutless crown fMMH your efforts with the eminent succcss you so -■ - richly merit. Very truly. yours, KM Otea&t Jii M. MM1S STAAB. 2S Ireconimend 1he Pianog of Blr. Knabk to everybody wlio wauts a really first class instro ment. M. BALATHA. S Wm. Knabe & Co. - Gentlemen: 2 I have great pléaure In certifying that ï have LbmÉ tri'Ml yur Square Pianos, and find them equul, ITI Ifnot superior, to any in this country. Among ? their great qualïties, whieh dlstinpuisli them, _. Ís the evenness of toné, the agreeable and easy _ touch, and volume of tone. Wishing you all the success you so highly deserve, f am sir, yours very truly, S. Til A LBEBU . N"M Wm. Knabe & Co. - Gentlemen: [2 caunot but congratúlate you upon the im■■ men se progreSa and improvementa which you t_ contínually inake on your Pianos, whïcli, in my E opinión, rank among the very highest in thts country. M. STKAKOSCH. 0J} J. Baner & Co. - Gentlemen: MMii Our Opera Troupe are at jirestat using fttur Z? of your justly celebrated Knabe Pianos, and as 3 the exponent of the views and opinions of the - various Artists, permit me to say, I con3ider 2 them unsurpassed in brilliancy and excellence F1 and pre-eminent, without a rival in thiacottn2 try or in Europe. Their superior quality oj l( tone, combining great depth and powerful volp urne, with which and a peculiarly clear and pMM even treble, togetlier with a magie elasticity of touch and action, render them superior to other ■ instrument, wliich rarely if ever combine these most essential requïsites, I most cheerfully ps endorse the high and meritorious encomiuraa s, everywhere pronounced upon these Pianos. ' E. JtlIjy.lO, Musical Director, Itál_- ian Opera. CkicttffO, Ftb. 10, 1804. Wm. Kuabe & fo. - Gentlemen: 4j Having rccently had o])portunities cf testing QJL2 bn yur new scale Grand and Square Pianos. it gives me great pleasure to state that I have found them to combine all the qualitiesto make 2 a Piano as perfect as possible, and unsurpassed r 1 by any that I have seen either in this oountry M or tëurope, for great power and roundnesa of m1M tone, combined with that peculiar sweet and j singing quality, so of ten found wanting ïu Pj Pianos. They are really unsurpassable, and in ■ touch everylhing that can be desired by the ijgP most brilliant pi ayer, Wlshing you e very sucrr cess, 1 remain, youra truly, Lj C. AIVSCHUTZ, LSbL Musical Director of the Gemían Opera. .JULIUS BAUER & CO. Wholesale Agcnts for Northwestern States. _ 99 S. Clark and 89 Washington Stt. fg CHICAGO, ILL,. f ID-SEND FOK A CIRCULAR. rjiHE ROOTS AND THE LEAVES JL W1LL be for the Healing of the Nations . Bible. Frof. n, r. XjiTtopü-js, THE GREAT AND W'XEBRATED PHYSIClAN of the THROATjLUNGS, HKART, L1VLR AND THE BLOÜD, Kaowu all over thecountry as the GBLKBEUÏBD IJSTIDI-A-3ST HERB DOCTOR I Of 282 Superior Street, Cleveland, Ohio. Will vialt the following places, viz APPOINTMENTB FOK 1862, 1863andl864. Prof. R. J. Lyons can be cunsulted at the following placesevery month, viz: Detroit, BtuseLHouae, each month, 18th and 19th. Anu Arbur, Monitor House, each month, 2Oth. Jacksoa, liibbard House, each mouth, 21. Adrián, Hrackfet House, each niunth 22d and23d. Toledo, Ohio,Colhns House. each mouth, 24th,25th, and 2fith. Hilada Ie, Mich. , Hillsdale House, each month, 27th. Cfild water, Miuk., Southern Michigan House, each mouth, S8th. Klknart,Elkhart House, each month, 29th. South Bend, IncL, St. Jo. Ho'el, eack month, 30. Laporte, ïnd., Tee Garden Hl ase, each month 31st. Wooster,Ohio, CrandellExchauge, each montii, 7th and 8th . Mitnstield, Ohio, Wiler House each month, 9th and lOth. Mc. Vernon, Kenyon House, tach month,llth and 12thNewark, Ohio, Holton House, eaeh month, 13th aud I4th, Painesville.Ohio, CowlesHoiiHe,each month, 4th CLEVELAND, OHIO, RESIDENJE AND OFFICE, 282 SUPERIOR STREET, Kast of the public square, opposite the Postoffice. Ofiicu daye each mouth, lst, 3d, 4th,5th, 6th, 15th.- Office hoursfroni 9 A. M. to 1Ü M, and from 3 P. M. to 4 P. H. OnSunday from 9 to 10 A. M.,and 1 to 2 P. M. jj"MaximsKtrictly adhered to-I give sucu balm as have no strife, With nature or the lawR of life, Withblood my hands I never atain, Nor poison men toease theirpain. He is a physician indeed, who Cures. The IndianHerb Doctor, R. J. LYONS, cures the fullowiug compiaintsinthe most obstinate stages of their existence, viz: Piscases of the Throat, Lungs, Heart, Liver, Stomach,lropsy intheChest, Rheumatism, Neuralgia, Fits, , and all other nervousderangements. Also alldiseaseaof the blood, sucli as Scrofula, Krysipelas,Cancers,Fever Sores, Leprosy, and all other complicatetl chroniccomplaints. All forras of female difficulties attended to witli the happiest resulta. It is hoped that no one will despair of a cure until they have given the Indian Herb Doctor's Medicines a fairandfaithful trial. t=During the Doctor't travels in Europe, West Indien, South America, and the United States, he has been the instrument in God'a hand, to restore to health and vigor thousands who were gïvenup and pronounced incurable by the most eminent old school physicïans; nay, more, thousands who were on the verge of the grave, are now living moüuments to the Indian Herb's Doctor's skill and successfu 1 treatment ,:ind are daily exclaiioiog: " Blessed betheday when first ve saw and partook of the Indian Herb Doctor's medicine." Satisfactory referenceROf cnres will be gladly and cheerfully given w henever required. TheDoctor pledges his word and honor, that he will in no wise,directly or indirectly,iiiduce or cause any inralid to take his medicine without the strongest probability of a cure. j$& Mode of examination, wliich is entirelydifferent from thefaculty. Ir. Lyon profeases to disceru diseases by the eye. He therefore asks noquestions, nor ( doeshe require patientsto explain symptoms . Cali one and all, inil have theKymptoms and location of your diseaseexplainedfree of charge. JThepoorshall beliberally considered. jftyPostofllceaddress, box 2663. R. J. LYONS, M.D. Cleveland , Ohio, Nov. 25 , 1862 ly88O TaTTëcïürë TO YOUNG MEN. Just Publisbed in a Sealed Euvelope. Price Six Cents. ALECTURE on the Nature, Treatmeut, aud Radioal Cure of Spermatorrhoe or Seminal VVeaknena, Involuntary Emissioas, Sexual Debility, und Irapediments to Miirriage generally. Nervousness, Consuraption, Epilepfcy and Fitfl ! Mcntai and physïcal Inapacity, resulting from Abuse, &c. By ROB'TJ. CULVERWFXL.M. I)., Author of the "Green Book," te. The world renowned aulhor, in his admirable Lecture, clearly proved from his own experience, that the awful consequences ofSelf-Abusemaybe effectuitlly removed without medicine, and without dangerousurgical operations, bougies, instrument, ringr, or cordials, pointing out a mode of ure at once certain and effectn;il, by which overy euffercr, no matter what his conditïon may be may cure himself cheaply, privately, &ni radically. This lecture will provea boon to thousands and thousands. Sf-ntunder seal, to any addrens, in a plain, sealed envelope, on the recipt of bíx centñ, or twopostage utainps, bvaddrcsGing. CHAS. J. C. KIJNE&Co., tQ7 Bowery, N"ow York, Post -Oflice Box 4586. HÖWARD ASS0CIATI0N, PHILADELPHIA, PA. Disenso of the Nervou, Seminal, Urlnnry and Scxunl System - dpw and reli;b]e treatment- in ;report of the HOWARD ASSOCIATION- Sent by mail in seald letter envelopes, free of charireAddresn Ir. J. SK1IJ.IN HOITGHTON, Howawi ASBo'ci' ütion No )) l-'ouUi Niüth blreot, FbiihJ.lpbi-,


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