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O. H. MILLKN. „ SAI EB in Dry Goods, Grocerie, Crockery, kc. kc. ) Main Street, Aun Albor. ____- PHILIP B4CHÍ _jtí__S m DtyGodi,erii. Boots & Show, jj Se. , Main st, , Ann Arbur. TlSlX)Ñ& HENDERtíüN. ""sTüTTAYLÓRr" -.ïlIERln Hats, Caps, Furs, Robes, Gents' Furnih3)'" Goos, etc.' Ku.s't de Mal Street, Aun Arto, Micliijan. ___ "XjTsutherland, i íTÜTfor Uie NTew York Life Insurance Company A O L- " t"t A1.0 haS oa h.nd . tock el tía m;t approTe lwog m-MaWh W "gEORGE FISCÏIEK. MEAT MAKKET-Huron Strctet-Geaewl dealer In Freah and Salt Meat, Beef, Muttoü, tHak, llaro, hullry, Lard, Tallow, &c, &c. - HIKAM J. BEAKES I TTORNEY and Counsellor at Law, ;ind Solicitor in A Chancery. Office in City Hall Block, over W ebster I Bdtík Store. - LÊWITT & BREAKEY. nllVálCIANS AN'D SURGEONS. Office at theresiPteu or r. Lewitt, north side of Hurou, two doors ve of División street " M. GUITERMAN & CO. WHOLESALE and Retail DeaterB and Manufacturen. „ Clothing. Importersof OotkC. WM. WAGNER. TEALER in ReaJr Made Clothing, Clotbs, Cassimeres, I) nd Vesting, Hats, Caps, Trunks, Carpet Bags, &c, fhoraix Block, Main street. SLAWSON & SON. IROCERS Provisión aud Commission Merchante, and Ij Dealer in Water Lime, Land Piaster, and Paster of Paris, ouedoor east of Cook's Hotel. SCOTT & LÖOMIS. 1MUROTYPE and Photograph ArtisU, in the rooms AoverCampion's Clothiug store, Plicenix Block. Pcr((Ctiatisfaetiongivn. 0. B. PORTER. SURGEON DENTIST. OfficeCurner of Maiu andUuron ■trente, over Bacil & l'ierson's Store. All culis jtomptlj attendi-d to Aptl859 MACK & SCHMID. DEALERS in Forijn and Domestic Dry GooA, Grocerie, Hat and Caps, Boots and Slioes, Croetery, lc, Corner of Main & Liberty fits. ANDREW BELL. DUILKB in roceries, Provisions, Flour, Produces, ka., ÍIC, corner Main and Washington Streetfi, inn Arbor. The higkest market prices paW lor country produce. 86E M. C. STANLEY, Photosrapbio .rtisit. Curter Xaia and H-irca Slroeü, Aiio Arbor, Mich, PHOTOGRAPIIS, A5IBROTYFES, kc. .fee, inthe latest styles, and every cffort made to give satisKtion. 956tf D. DeFOREST. ?HOLESALE aud retail Aeir in Lamber, Latb, Slungles.Sash, noors, Blinda, Water Lime, Grand li'er Piaster, P laster Paris, and Nails ofalloizes. A 'illsodperfectassortmentof theabOTe,and allother m4 of building materialsconstanHy on hand at the .tpossible rate,on Detroitst.,a few rodsfromthe fiilroid Depot. Also operating extensWely in the fiteat Cement Roofing. LUMB ËlTYAtr! C. KRAPF, Hm í Urge and well tocked Lumber Yard, on JelTerion Street, in 1 he South part of t he City, and will keep 0KUötly on liand an excellent vanetj of LUMBER, SHINO-LES, LATH, &o.. 'liioh will be oíd as low a can be alforded in thie arket. 'ftnality and price such that no one need go to Derh. CONBAD KBAPF: lm irber, Dec. 6ïh, W64. 986tl NEW MUSIC STORE Persons wishing to buy Pianos or Melodeons, Mtó go to WILSEY'S MUSIC STORE, beforepura&sing eUewhere. He will warrant satisfaction to Prch&sers,and takes plcasure in referring to those ho have already purchased of hira. He takes pride '" Sftyiog tliat he has given the bent of satisfartnni 'hufifarndinteadfBö to,doinali cases. Any Piano Á b furnished tiat pm-ciiasor raay require. He 'ishes it to be dístinctly understood thajt he will not be XJJSTIDESRSOXjJZ) ' Tob"7"1118 llteSt SUEET MtJSIC forsalc' WANO ALVIN WILSEY. A"ilArboi, . % ïfth, 1864. 98atd 0f HQUSgS 4NTD LOK, worih from l,000 to "J 5,(W0. Ai: several improved KAKMS. A. .I.SL'THERI.ANP, .''4:bur, Pcb. 2d,18Cü. a'Jltl Coiameniol Agent,


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