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Skctios 1. The Pcople of the State of Miohigtm erae', Tht ;i oao any township, city or cnuuty in tbis Sla' o ïhiJl havo Lerétoforo votcd to raisc y Ux, or bball Imvü liircd or lorrowéd motiéj, or siiall Lava :iu?l)i;iiüud, er directed .: cpmuiitteo of' eitizens, or any tow; sbip or Mj dfficurs to liii e, advante or raisu moncy, or issued or áutíiorizcd tbo iasinDg of bond;-', or otber uvidences of iiuiebteduss, èithor by the actiou of tho corporata authorUy of uuh township, city or ciuatv, or bv tbo voto of tho electora thdreóf, bad Ür tbat purpo.-c, or wbero tbe board of Supervisors of tny county, tho conimon council of any city, or tlio iOWrtshlp board of any towoship, have igreed by resolntion, to i.'aue boiniS or ither evidenci-9 of iudebtedüess. with the bject and to the end of cucouragiDg enistine:tsliy pijillg bountios to vslunteera x iho military or invul servico of the LTuited Statps, who enlistad and wore muilered intó suih servia lifore the fottrth iuy of February, eighleen hundred aX ',itij:fioe, or with tbo object and to tho 3ud of Gticouraging tho procuring of 3ubstitutes by persons who may havo been drafted into said Borviec, or lo ofeourage draftod men lo euter ut safd service perronally, sucli a&tion shaü b-s deeuiod le,il aud valid, ajid the money so votcd, raised ov bired, or so authoi izC-d or directed to be hircd, adrunced, or rnised, and the boude or othcr evidencpb of indebtedness so issued, or to b issuod, ah all bo deemed to have been legally voted, raised or hired, aod th said bonds or other evidonces of indebtedness shall bo deemed to have beeu legally issued, and shall Ve a valid und lawful chiim against tho townahip, city or couuty, having voted, raisod, hired, authorizod, or issuod tile game, and shall je paid in tho samo uianuor aa the ordinary township, city or county expunsei are paid, and the obligations made, or to )o made, to evideaee the indebtednass of such townslúp, city or county, for sueh money so ruiied, advancüd or hired, und tho boudsor other evidenoes of iudebteduess co i.-sued, shnll be dernod valid anó binding npon siich township, city or nnnntv cnwl lhn Í;1V-I'é1]h fliT tion of the tax voted or ruised as afore8aid, undi;r authority as aforesaid, whethcr spread up n the guneral lux relt ot upou a ipöoiai tax roll inadu fr that purjóse, shill be deeined, and aro Leroby declared fo be legal aud valid ; and wheuever thu fait of anj couuty, ha beea ilodged and boads issuod rihI lianed by Huch couuty to any township, ward,-oity or uiiliturv sub distriot ihcrcii, the amount oí bonds so tukcu, with iuterest as providod theroia, may 'uu assossed, bjr direction uf thu board of supervisors of sucli couuty, up.n the towuship, ward, city or mil tary sub dis riet taking or loauiug tlie srfuse, and sball be assussed, collectüd aud paid at tbc same time, and o the same marnier as othorcounty taxv aro colloeted and uaid. Sec. 2. Iu uil cases vhure the board uf supervisors oí auy oouuty, the oommoa uouncil ut any city, or the lowuship board of any towuship, r tho legal ïoters of tmy coiinty, city or township have, in tht-ir oorporate capueity, offered or agreed to pay any bauuty to nny porson or persous fbr voluutcur'iDg iu tha military or naval service of the Uuited States, or have offered or agreed to pay uny bouuty to any persou vvho may havo been drafted uto saiii service, fol' sarviug therciu, eiiher iu pursuu or by aubstitute, if sualt per son op persons volunteered, (ff ■were drufttd and mustercd into euah 4 aice, Itfore the fuurth day of l'alruary, eijhteeii hundred 'áiid uxtyjke, or huvo. Ubued bunds, or ó'ther eviduuces of debt, or othor iustrument claimed to be such, to pay such boUtitics, or to raiso uioney lo pay the same, the said countiea, citien or townshipa are reSpectively authoriied und empowered to llow and paj tbs same as valid claimt ; aud such allowanco and payuieut, except as is herein otherwisö provided, shall be made in tho saniu manncr as ordinary eluims aro a. lowed, aud paid ; and such township, city or county may issue bouds or certifícate of iudebtedness in Heu of any suofe bonds, ceitiflcates or instrumente, claim ed to be evideuces of iudebtedness, hurotofore issued, iu good fuith, for tho purpose aforesaid, aüd go allowed as aloreüaid, wbich bouds or certificates wben issued by a city o.r county, shall be un der seal iIrtcoí' ; and if by a citv, shall be bigtifeü i the mayor aud city c'erk, or recoraer and comptroller thereof; nuü if by a couuty, shall bo siguod by fhe oh iruian of the board of supervisors and cuuuty clerk ; and if by a towííhip sbúli bo signed by the supervisor ntld cleri:, and may bear a rato of intcrt iift eiceeding seven per ceut. por aunuuj, aud be payable at any tirau uot exoteding five years front the time of suü!i allow. anee, unloss a bigla-r rate of interest; or a longer time has boeu agreed upon. Sec. 3. In Gase the hoftpd of saper. visoi! of ntiy oouoy, or the comnioa couucil of ai)y city, or the mayor and recorder, or comptrollcr, or mayor and cyy clerk of any city, or the township board of any towuship, buvo Ksüad er camod to be issued. or shalt heroafter Í8sue io pursuaacc of rosolutiou heretoforo adeptr ed, bonds, warrftnts,, or otber evidcDGes of iudebtudnesSj for tho pur pose of filliug the quota of 8y city, towuship, ward, or military sub-district by voluntecrs, or suhsiitutft or drated men, or drafled men aetually entering tkt military service of the United Stalcs, befor the lourih day f ïehy.tiry, 1865, undep auy culi for troops heretofore uuxde,ar n I anticÍLiaúoi) ui auy euuh cali, suchiilftruuieui shail bii logal tyijenco of Ihe hidyfctudnosd of ëüi;h eounty, or city ; and lbo Board of Supervisors iu suoh ouuuty, aud tLti cjaiuJuii CiAUicii u.l batk city aru i ;e!'V ■uilioriscü uid oa.'irej to i FOT, Mise :sud ("iiect, of ;i tori"'"! to 1 lc uiwssed, raisud ü:d collected tlie mnoutit of brudv w"arrtn.t? ecrtilgalea, i.r nther u.idenoes of liiJfabtcineatfWBued ir usad Cor i!io purpose of filljng tbe t til auy towu:-lnp, ward, oí' rmliiary mb dtiii;t of ctteh cimniy. or city, and the interest thercon, liy t:ix upon 'dio ■ real and por-onal property tasablü witliiu ' liucii wnni, or mili tary j cistriet, !t sueh tiüse and Ln such i iior Rffthti conjiuot) council o{ puch city, or the lii)!iil of supervisors of suoh ronuiy, nr ihc iowns,!iip bostrd of uuy tOT,i:fcliip, uiay btí unli; anee or rc-H.ilution dirtict: l'rovidcd, No boi.ds or other i doñeas of ndebteaijOfcö oí miy tov, i.siiip r ci'.y, H)oi!tio!i(;d ib fcctions oue, twi) :mi1 ílirco of liii.i iict bhall bo htld legal nrd raJld (.vliorn tho issue uf iiio tíumo has not bfeu autborizv'd by a votof Ihe cleclcrs of sucb nuipicipal corpovatioi))"útil ilie qneeüuu of tLei payroent sliall be autbcrized by i vtVe at an ainiual or spüülal meeting or clyelioii, c-nilad and luid rcgularly, auá ou due noticj to tbo clee'.ois oí' lüuüiüipaliíy issuiug tíuch cvideucea of in lefeíedueSs. 0SC. 4. Tb! lüwuship board of auy townsLip, aiid tho commou eotiiicil of aiiy city. iu tfaií Stato, shall hav.: Ihe power to-rniao, by tax upou iba taxable pioperty of sueh lowoship or city, pr by loan, suoh buius n may be ncct'ssary for (lio payineut of borrovved or adTsnced by any lowusbip, ward or city officer or oíüeers, or by a commktee iuformally authurized to act for sueh towusbip, ward or city, aud lntve, at tbe time of uiakÍ!;g eucb lóiui, pledged tbo failb of the township or city, or roceived the iuforuial plodge of ihe township. or city, t the time of makii.g sucli odvanoes, to refuud the same a-hen thu townwhip or city shall be uuthoaized by aw so to do; l'rovided, ahcayg, That all suoh moi.eys gliall have been borrowed or advaneod for the purpose oniy of paying bounties to voluiitere, who have eulihtoc! and beou muBtered into the military or uitval sei'rice of the Uuitod Ö tatos, and been credi:ed upon the quota of sueh township or cit v prior (o the th day af Februari, A. D.'lSGb: Providfuriher., That the provisión of this act shall not apply to, or authorizo the pa)'ii)pnt of auy moneys borrowed or advanoed, to pay bounties to Toluuteors, on any cali for volunUers made prior to July 18íA, A.D. 1804. Sec. 5. Bufore auy moneys shall be raised by tax or loaa as provided by sec tion four, of this act, the electors of such township or cityshall, at the anuual or soine .special uieeting, regularly Gulled for that purpose, determine by vo.the gum to be laisrd, aud whether tLa #arne shall be ruised by tax or by loan. In Cie the mouey shall be raised by tax, the tax shall be levied and collöcted tliu fume as ordinary towBsbip or city taxes are levied and collected. Iu case such moneys shall be raised by loaD on tke bonds of auch township, &h ey shall be sigued by the supervisor aud (Jlork th.e:e of, and hall draw a rato oí interest uot to excecd sevcn per oenfc,, and tu run not ti) exceed three yeara frota the date ; nud if Buch mouey shall bo raised by a Lan on the bjuda of city, said bands shall be sigued by the mayor and recorder er clerk thercof, ani shall draw interest cio to exceed sevca per cent , ud to run not to excc:ed' tbree yeurtt irom tbeir date; aud tbe tovviisijip board of such townrtbip, and tbo oomnion council of such city, issuing nuoh bonds, sball Lave power, and it shall be tbeir duty from tiine to time, to raise by tax such sum or suiDS as shall be uecessary to pay ibe amount of sueh bouds, and the interest thereon as fast as the same shall becoino due. Sec. 6. It shall be the duty oí townehip clerks of townships, and the recorders or clerks of oities of this State,, on or before the first Monday in Ootoberof taoh year, to certify to the supe-rvMorof tlieir respective townships, or co-minon council, or other proper officer.s of their rt-spective oities, the amount of eduees of lus said tovvnwhip, ward, or city, growing out of the payment of bountíers to volunte T8 as herein provi dcd, tog'.;ther with interest thereon. if any, computed up to the firat day of February uext ensning, in the same mauuer as is now by law Lis duty to report, as to incidental expenses of Lis township, ward or city; and it ehall be the duty of such supervisor or other officer as aforesaid, to incorpórate said amaunt in the assesmein roll for sueh townsLip, ward or city, as part of the incidental expensas of such township, ward or city; and the treasurer or collector of such township, word or city, is authorized and required to collect oud pay over such amounts, at the game time and in the same manner, & other taxes are by law required to be colleeted aud paid over. - -■-"■■ '■' The wlieat prospect for 1865 so far 8 favorable. Tho Louisville Journal saya the extensive and longoontinuud siiowg of the witer have well pro tected tbe wheat, and it seeins to be liow in the finest conditiou. It will be . frozeij out somewhat in the otber latitudes, but in tbe States uorth oí the 42ud parallel we thiuk the erop will be titjavy. South cf tbat Hne the chances ure iqivor of doublé the yiuld of laat seasonT There is CO doubt that if March shall not be too severe, thero will be a good yield everywhere.


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